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  1. Got the Paypal payment today. Never got the "Alamy paid you" email. Better this way than the other way around ;-)
  2. Same here. I normally always get an email from Alamy (subject "Alamy has paid you") on the 1st of the month, with an attached PDF. Then a week to 10 days later another email, this time from PayPal, stating the money has been transferred into my account. Didn't get the first one this month, still too early for the second one.
  3. You have to see it in a larger context. Companies providing commercial services around open source software benefit from building and maintaining a large user base and a healthy community around that software. They don't necessarily expect to make money of an individual user maintaining a dog website. But a Fortune 500 company looking to replace its e-commerce software and spend lots of $$$ on consultancy, training etc. will only consider an open source offering if the ecosystem around it is alive and healthy. Compare it to marketing your business: the activity itself is not billable to any cu
  4. But I am sure they paid for your employer's software. I didn't pay anything for mine. But by giving away their software, they are doing the same as the photographer who gives away their images. It affects others in the field that don't want to give their work away. Jill No they don't pay for the software itself, it's open source. Helping out non-paying users greatly enhances the chances of them becoming paying customers. You can't compare open source software to giving away photography. You can base a successful business model on open source software because you can make m
  5. There is a general idea that open source software is created by idealistic programmers in their spare time, but this is not the case. There might be a few here and there but most open source software developers are paid professionals. The contributor helping you out for 'free' might very well be paid to do that. A small part of my own job includes helping out people on a public forum who use my employer's software. It pays much better than photography ;-)
  6. Although not nearly as disciplined and thoroughly as Wim, I too keep 'pruning' my main pseudo as I add images. I never delete images though, I just move them to lower ranked pseudos. The numbers I posted earlier were for my total collection: Looking at only my main pseudo the numbers are: Number of images +7% (but major pruning of about -25% done in December) Number of sales +100% Revenue +76%
  7. Number of images +33% Number of sales +127% Revenue +58% Edit: Average license fee -31%
  8. www.nationalgeographic.com.cn/photography/galleries/1488.html AN9C15 API B5NRJF Jack Sullivan CCE7JT Kevin Ebi BA6A5B Mauritius Images, GmbH
  9. www.traveller.com.au/which-greek-islands-should-we-visit-12ajby ARJE1W Robert Harding World Imagery
  10. intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/2014/12/19/oh-the-places-nat-geo-goes-4/ CER9F7 David Noton Photography
  11. www.ft.com/cms/s/0/db67db6a-815a-11e4-a493-00144feabdc0.html#axzz3MOG7JkiT CW2TGW Martin Harvey
  12. www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/travel/article4299811.ece AX6J6M F1online digitale Bildagentur GmbH
  13. www.foxnews.com/travel/2014/12/19/hotels-where-wild-animals-roam-free/ B9GW0C nik wheeler B34KRG John Warburton-Lee Photography DNP15F Al Argueta
  14. www.travelandleisure.com/local-experts/austin/exploring-austins-street-art-and-murals D2TTBW Peter Tsai Photography
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