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  1. Hi Richard, I didn't know how to see if my photos had been visited by customers and also if they had been enlarged, that's why I opened this topic, but just opened it and I happened to look at Alamy Measures and when I opened the tab I found all the information: Total views for Ana Sarabia: Total zooms for Ana Sarabia: Total CTR for Ana Sarabia: Average CTR for Ana Sarabia: Top performing pseudonym: ANA Just what I was looking for, that's why I closed this topic here.
  2. Hello, is it possible to know if my pictures are visited by customers and if they have Zomm'd them? I have looked for it but I don't see the way. It would be very interesting to know which photos of my bookshop have been visited the most.
  3. Hello to all and greetings. I have been travelling for a few days and on my return I have checked my photographs with all the updated database and they already appear in the searches that I do. That fills me with joy. Although my level of sales remains at zero. I am aware that I still have very few images uploaded and that I have only been uploading for a short time, but I am not discouraged. Thank you very much - Ed Roney and Nick Hatton for your comments, they encourage me. Thank you very much indeed. Nick Hatton for me of course Spain is a beautiful country with many photographic po
  4. Thanks Steve and NYcat.I know all beginnings are hard. Very happy for your advice. I'm going on a few days trip tomorrow, I hope to be more up to date when I get back. A big hug
  5. Sorry: ID- 2H4YY53 FOR CASE 1: house, night, darkness, FOR CASE 2: house, night, dark, street light, trees, path, garden, big house For case 3 - All
  6. Hola Syeve. I attach the data ID- 2H4YY53 FOR CASE 1: house, night, darkness, lamppost light. FOR CASE 2: house, night, dark, street light, trees, path, garden, big house For case 3 - All
  7. Hello friends. Here again and desperate. As we said I am redoing my keywords and definitions. After waiting for the system to update I do the first test the result is: 1- I search with the most important keywords of my photo and others appear but not mine. - Why doesn't my photo appear, even if it is on the last page, if it also has those keywords? 2- I add even more keywords that I have assigned to my photo and it shows only two pages of photos among which mine is not found either. - If I have added more clues for it to find it, how come it still can't find it among only a few
  8. Wow!!! But I will work hard, I think I have no choice.
  9. I understand now with your explanations, I would never have considered it. Of course I will take it into account. I need to sell in Almy as the current income from customers has been greatly reduced by the pandemic in Spain. Thank you NYcat .
  10. Steve, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this to me, it's really interesting and I finally understand it. As I said before I have already started with the task of editing again these 90 initial images, and of course I have just uploaded ten more and from the beginning I will take this into account. Thank you very much and thank you very much. I hope to be able to sell in Alemany and get to be one more of the team.
  11. Estoy pensando en tus consejos y también he leído el artículo que me ha propuesto Steve y lógicamente todos estáis de acuerdo en lo importante que es la descripción de la fotografía para el posible comprador, pero desde mi desconocimiento me pregunto: El comprador lee la leyenda de la foto cuando ya la ha encontrado, así que si ya la ha encontrado, ¿por qué es importante la leyenda? Entiendo que las palabras clave son fundamentales para que el comprador encuentre la foto, pero una vez encontrada la foto, supongo que lo que le importa al comprador es el contenido y no el pie de foto. Lo siento
  12. Thank you very much Steve. I will take the time to describe my photographs again. The idea that you point out to me to see how colleagues do it seems to me very interesting. I have purchased the Deelp translator, I have been advised that it is the best. Of course it has nothing to do with the native language, but between this and the solution you suggest I think I will improve the definitions. Thank you very much.
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