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  1. My husband reported one of his photos stolen by the City of Asheville in North Carolina official blog (city government) ... but Alamy didn't bother to pursue it .. The photo was stolen from a travel agency that had bought the picture and made a slight change to it .. so it was apparent where it came from. I'll tell my husband about ImageRights. Although Alamy said that they were starting to go after stolen photos that were stolen from Alamy customer websites .. I think that was just BS .. A private blogger may be difficult to collect from .. but a city government ...
  2. They still haven't fixed the Las Vegas search (search done in the USA) Las vegas hotel Paris - 7107 photos hotel paris las vegas - 1215 photos I emailed member service, and just got one email response saying that they were looking into it .. The second search is missing almost 6000 photos .. pretty bad ..
  3. I have had 12 sales and 87 zooms in the last 12 months ... so lots of zooms per sale ...
  4. This is really strange ... when I search: hotel paris las vegas - 1216 photos but without changing any filters, just rearranging the words ... las vegas hotel paris - 7106 photos My sales are down, but I have a too small portfolio to really see a trend ... but this is sure worrying ...
  5. My bag is still lost after 2.5 weeks .. so I don't expect to get it back. It was lost in Newark. There are several stories on the internet (so it must be true ) about people that had bags lost by United, and filed claims with the small claims court and suddenly their bags showed up after being lost for 6 weeks or more ...
  6. United also lost my bag. They state on their website that you have to take extra insurance for fragile and/or valuable items. Camera equipment is part of that list, which makes sense. However, the tripod count as camera equipment and will not be reimbursed. So if you pack your tripod, keep in mind that United (not sure about other airlines) will not reimburse it when they lose your bag. United is also on the list of worst airlines when it comes to losing luggage .. so I recommend to stay away from them if you have checked bags. Domestic airlines in the US usually don't have an issue wi
  7. On Alamy, my net income per image is $1.2 and on SS (since the subject was brought up) net income per image is $3.84. Similar number of images, but different subjects. Travel and local images on Alamy, and cupcakes on SS. Experimented with adding some of the cupcakes to Alamy, but they don't sell well (as expected when they are available on Micro). The enjoyment of selling images at Alamy for a higher prices keeps me going .. even though I am a slow uploader.
  8. My photos has moved into Awaiting QC now, as well.
  9. I also uploaded last night, and my photos are in "processing 24 hours" .. it should say 23 hours when they just sail through the processing stage ...
  10. I am pretty sure these usages are considered commercial use. Editorial is when the photo is used as an illustration to an article, story, news, etc. If it is used for advertising products, or sold as the main product (such as prints) it is my understanding that you need model and property releases (whatever is applicable).
  11. What are the main reasons you would not FIRST go to Alamy? I know News is a new thing at Alamy, so I can see why regarding News, but would be interested to hear about the other types of photography. Since you are a photo editor, it would be interesting to get your view. Most of my sales come from photos of places that are not commonly available, so you are spot on there. I realize that this is a bit off topic.
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