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  1. Fun challenge! Already a lot of great photos! Here are three of mine: Squirrel buddies on our deck waiting for goodies Girls at 4th of July event Fishing buddies
  2. For Smithsonian, their web page is quite clear that no commercial photography is allowed without permission. I read it after a visit to the Dulles airport museum and after Alamy took down several of those In the future, I'll read about the photography rules ahead of time ...
  3. Great year for me. Last year I sold a total of 11. This year ended with 43 sales. Not significantly more uploaded photos .. and no change in rank .. but I'll take it and hope the trend continues into 2017!
  4. Here are two from me: New Orleans Race for the cure
  5. Here are my contributions: Close-up of pink Dogwood tree Christmas decorated Palm trees on Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills, CA: Azalea bush in the woods:
  6. Congratulations! Great photo! Great story! A photo of you on the bike with the photo equipment would have been great too
  7. Thank you very much for including one of mine! Great images! My favorite is the geeze .. Just amazing!
  8. Thanks! I was lucky with the morning mist and the sun shining through a little bit.
  9. Mississippi river in morning mist This is a canal in Richmond, Virgina .. man-made river .. .. Another man-made river from Venice
  10. Zooms are just reported from some buyers. I think I have read in the past that Alamy only tracks the clicking on photos from some of their customers. Customers can add photos to light boxes and then click on them, and I don't think that is reported as zooms. About half of my sales have been zoomed.
  11. 5 sales, but for just over $100... but I'll take them I have 28 sales total for 2016. I only sold 11 photos all last year. I have not significantly increased my portfolio. The revenue is only about 30% higher than the 11 sales last year, so more sales, but lower prices.
  12. You have some good photos. While you can have your RF photos both on Alamy and the Micro stock agencies .. it doesn't help your sales here at Alamy. I have some cupcake photos that I also have on Micro stock, and they are not doing well here.
  13. I can see why you had so many sales with very few images - all high quality. John. Thank you for those kind words! I usually sell 1-2 photos per month .. but this month was certainly a motivator to upload more. You have a really nice portfolio!
  14. Thank your for selecting my Charlotte photo!
  15. Here are three from me .. Charlotte, North Carolina Katarina church, Stockholm This is actually from Raleigh, North Carolina
  16. I was watching TV one evening, and saw my photo used in an ad for a website company.
  17. I am now a proud owner of 1 Stockimo photo! Thank you Lisa!
  18. I have never participated in the challenges before.. but here we go ... Bourbon street New Orleans Grand canal, Venice Las Vegas version of Venice ...
  19. If you by other stock sites mean Micro stock .. then you may not see many sales on Alamy. Many Alamy customers also have Micro stock accounts and if they can get the picture cheaper there, they will. I concur with the above and my personal opinion/view is that; 1) Substantial anecdotal evidence suggests that overlap between micro RF and "normal" (mid-->macro) RF results in losing out on a not insignificant number of sales in the latter category. 2) I also think/feel the RPI/year for said image, images (sisters and similars) would be lower when offered in both categories, bu
  20. Thank you Lisa for the feedback on the technical aspect! My photo wasn't that create, so not surprised it was rejected. I'll try some more creative. I was just worried about the quality. While the focus point was in the right spot, the phone over-sharped in combination with too much noise compression .. or perhaps I should open the manual to see if any of the settings can be changed ..
  21. I tried uploading one photo to Stockimo but it only got a score of 1.7 .. Lisa, do you know (or have gotten a feel of) how the technical quality is judged? When I view my iphone photos at 100% ... it's pretty bad .. or .. very bad .. I have an iPhone 6. Do they mostly judge if the photo is interesting or not, or do you think they reject because of technical quality as well?
  22. If you by other stock sites mean Micro stock .. then you may not see many sales on Alamy. Many Alamy customers also have Micro stock accounts and if they can get the picture cheaper there, they will.
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