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  1. I had 33 sales for a gross total of $1,773 for 2017. Last year, I had 43 sales for $2200 .. but before that, my yearly sales were around 12. I add around 100-200 photos a year .. but with the last two years, it's really motivating to upload more.
  2. I have a Canon 6D with 24-105 F4 L, which works very well for me. The camera does a great job avoiding noise and purple fringing, which makes the post processing easy. It has a full frame sensor. I went from Sony A100 to Canon 6D, and the difference was unbelievable .. but then .. that would probably have been the case with any new camera ...
  3. Here are three sweets from me Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting Sugar cookies Gingersnaps
  4. Record month for number of sales (not revenue) with 9 sales, gross $428.
  5. Love the topic! Many great photos! Iconic gas station Iconic door on the US Supreme court building
  6. This photo just sold for a 2 page spread ... ... which is kind of surprising .. but I'll take it Hope they'll straighten it out before publishing ...
  7. Thank you for including my squirrels! Great photos!
  8. Pizza ... I bet they loved that ... They also love bell pepper plants .. had a pepper that was almost ready .... oh well ... They provide a lot of entertainment. We have a nesting box where the mother (in the winter photo) have babies every spring and fall. They are so cute when they first venture off around the box.
  9. Some squirrels from me: My husband and I sometimes rehabilitate and raise orphaned squirrels, that we then release back into the wild.
  10. This is tough to pick who to vote for. Great photos! I thought the camels were a slam dunk .. but the couple on the rainy beach and the synchronized penguins are really interesting as well .. and the optimistic ice cream seller ...
  11. Fun topic! Three from me ... Person dressed as a skeleton with a Dracula mural behind. (State fair in Raleigh) Mural on a building, with "matching" car in the front. Richmond Virginia. Crayon art on the street during Raleigh festival, at night
  12. Here are three from me Trolley outside Union station in Washington DC Transportation in Charlotte, North Carolina Cab on Ocean drive, South beach, Miami, Florida
  13. I like your portfolio, and I think you will have a great future at Alamy. One of the keys is to get a good ranking, so your photos will show up on the first pages, or at least before the buyers give up As a newbie, you start with a middle of the pack ranking. With zooms and sales (and who knows what else) you will rise. If you have a lot of zooms and even a sale, you are off to a good start. I like your mix of people, details, place specific, and general images. Famous landmarks are still worth photographing, but look at what Alamy already has, and then try to find a different way of pho
  14. Here are three of mine: Venice, Italy Västerås, Sweden Charlotte, North Carolina
  15. The search engine must have changed then .. the order of the keywords used to matter. I did some experimenting, and moving around the keywords mattered. If I had fewer keywords it also made the photo show up earlier in the search. That may have changed too.
  16. Great pictures! Difficult to pick .. but the gorgeous photo of the Elephants is hard to pass up on. Very honored that you included one of mine.
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