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  1. Hi Steve, I have read the Alamy QC guide a couple of times now. I am also not a newbie when it comes to photography or editing software. Soft or lacking definition is a different horse than camera shake or blur. When images get repeatedly rejected for one and the same reason that got accepted on other providers that is most likely not an issue with the photos. Especially not when one follows the requirements for images to a T when it comes to files etc. Don't get me wrong. I like when images get rejected when they have problems. Sometimes one uploads the wrong version, does not spot no
  2. Thanks, Steve. If the image is blurry or has camera shake that would be obviously that. Soft or lacking definition according to the QC guide is a very different issue. But my account has been frozen for uploads for 10 days now anyways. I guess 6x trying in one month to get accepted is too often. 🤣 I will stick to other stock photo pages that are more clear about their rejection reasons. Thank you for your answers. I really appreciate it.
  3. Hey. Camera shake and/or out of focus are also not an issue. I tried 2 different images plus the accepted one every new attempt.
  4. Hi everyone. I have tried for the 6th time to get through the initial contributor QC. For some odd reason, all my images except one get rejected for soft or lacking definition. Of course, I have read the guidelines and checked the images again. The one image that got accepted was processed, saved, and uploaded the same way like all others. The only exception to the rule was an image that had soft definition and noise. The noise was there, no doubt. None of the images with soft or lacking definition were scaled up, low-res, and highest level quality JPeg saves. And they got
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