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  1. Looks like I figured it out, though I have not fully tested it. Here is code for a simple form that I can put on my website. When a user submits a search phrase, a new tab will open in the user's browser with Alamy's general search results page (not my Portfolio page unfortunately) filtered for their search phrase and for me (Brad Mitchell) as contributor. <form action="https://www.alamy.com/search.html" method="get" autocomplete="on" target="_blank" > <label for="qt"></label> Stock Photography <input type="text" id="qt" name="qt" placeholder="Search
  2. Maybe I just found a clue. After messing around, I found that I can type the following web address: https://www.alamy.com/search.html?qt=venice&qn=Brad Mitchell and get to an Alamy image search results page just showing my images of Venice. Would be better if the search results showed up in my Alamy Portfolio page instead of the more general Alamy search results page. But maybe I can build a form on my website around this.
  3. Right. Thanks Wim. The search box on my Portfolio page is great, but is there html code I can use to put a search box on my own non-Alamy webpage, with the search results then coming up within my Alamy portfolio, preferably in a new tab? I can probably figure out how make a search box, but I don't know how to structure the action attribute in the <form> element.
  4. We need some good ways to integrate our Alamy stock photography portfolios into our personal websites. This creates a win-win for both of us. For example, there should be a way that I could add an Alamy search box to my website. When a user enters a search term, that should then cause my Alamy portfolio page to open up with the search results from my images (not just the base portfolio page itself, but the portfolio page search results). Or there should be some HTML code that I can drop into my website that embeds my Alamy portfolio into my website ... maybe with opti
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