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  1. hmm, very likely the southern part, close to Costa Del Silencio, we had no car. 
    2 trips by bus - one to Mt. Teide, second one to Botanical Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz

    the moment I typed Botanic .... it might be that it was just there, forgot we went there 

  2. On 05/07/2021 at 18:03, Ed Rooney said:

    Me being a newbie but i certainly can't understand why a customer would buy such rainbow pics - there are ones with vertical rainbows or even an aerial view ... 
    Maybe I'm naive and really anything could sell, dunno 

  3. I just read this topic and wonder why you don't use an app to identify birds. 
    Especially in northern america, where the Audubon Field Bird Guide is greatly 
    used - as a book, in the old times. Fellow birders say that the app is good too. 
    I'm based in Europe, so I don't use it. 
    Audubon Bird Guide App (it's free) 


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  4. for my part (me being a newby) dict.leo.org is the address to go - at least they are covering a LOT. 

    if I have a bird, butterfly or flower - anything with a scientific name I'd use wiki for the desired language 
    to find the common name. it might take a while but i think I'm better off in the end with some 15 minutes extra work. 

    just my 2 cents

  5. Hi all, 
    I'm new to Alamy, still about to figure out what subject(s) I should be concentrating. Yes, no cats 😉 
    Did some birdwatching over the years but with the current situation I won't be travelling that much. 
    And my old pictures won't pass QC, they are called .. uhhmm ..  analog 😞 
    Plus, I'm not sure about the new contract, but will give it a shot. 



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