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  1. Hi All, I am a professional photographer from IJmuiden. My work is half the time running after emergency services for the local newpaper (sometimes (inter)national). 25% of my time I am working for corporations and 25% of my time is free photography. Due tot Covid-19 the corporate photography almost came tot a standstill. One project (more than 5 years) continued up to last month: The build of the newest sealock for ships going to Amsterdam. At this moment it is even the biggest lock in the world, yeah!! ;-). Soon I will publis h a book about it. The free ph
  2. I just find out that ACDsee Pro gives the opertunity to show the uncompressed size in the thumnail info. That way I could remove 100 images out of 500 pre-select images within 10 minutes
  3. Not realy. Only the swamp-image maybe. But I just see that all three passed! Without sending a email to contributors@alamy.com. Thanks everybody for your time and efford. Greetings, Ko van Leeuwen
  4. That is what I expected as well. But they all have the same text: Greetings, Ko van Leeuwen
  5. Thanks, meanderingemu. But it does not explain why all three images could pass but dit not. Greetings, Ko van Leeuwen
  6. Hi all, last week I did my first submission of 3 images. It failed and all 3 images give the reason: "Unfortunately, we need all three images to pass for your first submission. This image will pass if resubmitted, but check images with a failure reason." I did not get a email due to a typo in my emailaddress (corrected now) and during submissing something went wrong with my browser. So I am completly in the dark about why the QC failed. Today I have send the same images to see what happens. Strangly (for me) I cannot edit the panel on the right side of the images and I
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