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  1. Just one more example of how the heart and soul of the business, the photographers, are being being relegated to the bottom of the food chain.
  2. I'm getting back to some keywording after a while. I like to do it before uploading to Alamy but I can't find the Keywords field in the IPTC metadata. Where can I find it - or will Alamy utilize LR's own Keywords field?
  3. I've found the FTP upload shows up a few minutes after the upload is done. I usually upload in the evening when I've finished other work and then get QC next morning or afternoon. What I'm saying, I suppose, is that it's much the same whichever upload I use though I prefer FTP as it seems quicker. I've given up on Jim's plugin as I find unreliability is worse than no reliability at all.
  4. fotoDogue, that worked, thanks so much! Yes it is in FAQs but under what to do if you have a broken AddPseudonyms.lua file. It's unlikely anyone would know they had a broken AddPseudonyms.lua file or indeed that they had one at all but having found it, it can be opened in a text editor. I added on 5 at a time to the Pseudonyms.PseudoVersion = 1 line of the lua script and it worked at Pseudonyms.PseudoVersion = 25. (I add this for guidance in case anyone searches on this subject). Yes I've found Jim helpful before, so I hope he's OK. Great memory you have there fotoDogue. Try t
  5. It appears not to work with LR5. When I try to enable the plug-in I get a message saying that I 'the plug-in's metadata could not be updated because it has been updated to a newer format than this plug-in supports'. It then disables itself. This is with the latest version of the plug-in 1.0.366 which only dates back a few months by which time LR5 had long been the current version. I do think that it should be taken off sale since selling something that you know will not work and not answering support requests is questionable (or worse) practise. Perhaps he is ill or otherwise indisposed
  6. I am seeing a payment made on my account showing 08/2013. Given that it's the 4th September today and bank transfers take an hour or so, could anyone give me an idea of the time they normally expect to wait after a payment is instigated?
  7. I shoot RAW and need no special software to edit it. I import into Lightroom and that's it. No-one has 'been forced onto the cloud' to edit their own work. You seem to have misunderstood what Adobe have done. The software is on your machine as are your images but you must go online to license and pay monthly to use some Adobe products. If you don't pay the Adobe license, then you just edit in some other program. Having said that, I don't do much digital manipulation on my pictures so I won't be subscribing to Photoshop in future. I have CS4 and even that strikes me as bloated overkill
  8. Should be instantaneous if you have built 1:1 previews.
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