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  1. Thank you very much for the hint! 🤩 I just have to choose a few more pictures. 😅
  2. Thanks! 🌺 I really seem to be the unlucky one. Ok, to a new one! 💪
  3. Mh, looks like I have no other choice. Still, it's annoying (especially that I don't know why it failed). 🤔 Thank you very much for taking your time and advice! 🌼
  4. Hi Autumn Sky If the QC actually works like this (first AI, then human checks), it would be conceivable. But why are there no reasons for rejection ("human" could have corrected) and no corrected notification ("oops, we made a mistake")? It would be interesting for me to know why it failed .
  5. At first I thought that I would just have to wait. But I received the “you passed the QC” email on May 4th, 2021. Because nothing changed in the following days (I didn't see any of my pictures and couldn't tag them), I wrote to the team. But the staff is of the opinion that the pictures were not accepted. But even then they should be in my AIM.
  6. Hi wiskerke! Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I've tried both variants. After logging in directly to the AIM, but also first to the dashboard and from there to the AIM. Both with the same result. I don't see any of the pictures I have submitted so far, just “Thanks for registering as a contributor” and afterwards I am always asked to submit three pictures for a first submission. But I already passed it on the second attempt. I'm confused.
  7. Hi I'm relatively new here and now stumbled upon a problem. Maybe someone has had similar experiences? I submitted my first submission and immediately failed mercilessly (my mistake - the pictures really weren't the best). But I didn't give up and submitted three more for the test. After a few days I received the confirmation email “you passed the QC” and was asked to tag the three submitted images. The joy was huge. 🤩 However, when I logged in and looked for the pictures, there was a nasty surprise. They were not there! 😱 I was also unable to upload any new images (for sale), but
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