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  1. I'm not denying what the Northrups say, but it differs a bit from my understanding and experience. I didn't jump into stock until the 1990s. I knew some entrepreneurial photographers who shot more conceptual work and made a decent living with stock, but I knew far more people who used stock to sell outtakes. Whether you were on assignment for a magazine or commissioned by an ad agency, most photographers I know owned any images that did not end up getting used. There was nothing wrong with those images. Stock allowed the photographer to pad their assignment income and it allowed other companie
  2. I agree completely: 50% is the line for me. I will not stay for anything less than that. I get that Alamy’s employees and executives want raises. But I deserve to be paid fairly, too. And it seems to me that the real problem is that Alamy doesn’t have a plan beyond cutting royalty percentages and chasing copyright violations. There’s no future with that kind of strategy. Just ask any of the music labels that went under during the time of Napster.
  3. To be honest, I wouldn't find it worth my time to update every sale here. Every year, Alamy becomes a smaller and smaller source of income, but it requires more and more of my labor. What I'm missing is understanding what was wrong with the old infringement system. You'd get an automated email that described a potential infringement and you would reply CHASE if it was OK for Alamy to pursue. Why is that too onerous for Alamy?
  4. I'm not convinced that there's a significant amount of cheating. The anecdotal "evidence" Alamy offered was that a significant minority of exclusive contributors refused to allow the company to chase infringements without checking with them first. The thing is, Alamy has been clear about the fact that you can license your images directly and still be 'exclusive' to Alamy as long as the images are not available through any other agency. Just because I do not want Alamy potentially hassling my direct customers is not a sign that I am cheating. The images that I have on Alamy have nev
  5. I'm not so sure flowers and bugs are even safe. A couple of months ago, a magazine licensed an image of mine showing a flock of shorebirds, mainly sandpipers. In print, their caption called the birds peregrine falcons. I have no idea how that error happened. My caption and keywords are accurate. I assume the publishing team screwed up, but what if there was a glitch in Alamy's database that day and the wrong metadata was exported. Who knows... But what if they made a claim against Alamy to recover the cost of reprinting that spread? Under the old contract, I'm liable o
  6. Not that I have been a forum regular or anything, but I am fairly certain I will be leaving. I think we all know how this will end. A year from now, maybe two, the threshold to qualify for "gold" will be bumped up to $500 — or maybe even $1,000. The industry is in decline and it's a buyer's market. There hasn't been — and will never be — a contract change that gives us more. This time, I'm troubled by the expansion of our liability, even though in my case the risk is likely small. I'm even more troubled by a change that lets Alamy give my work away for free — a move that helps Alam
  7. This is an absolutely terrible experience for my customers. Someone who has properly licensed an image from me should not be harassed by someone they have never heard of asking if they have a license. You require me to ask you before chasing infringements.
  8. I am really upset at Alamy's insinuation that photographers who want to approve any infringement actions are cheating the exclusive system. Alamy's own definition of exclusive clearly states that I am allowed to sell prints and license images through my own website and still be considered exclusive to Alamy. So why am I out of line in wanting Alamy to check with me first before potentially harassing my customers? I've been spending some time with my sales reports today and have come to realize that the occasional $1,000 sale really masks the poor fees I'm getting most of the time.
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