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  1. How does one delete all the photos and also obtain the meta data? Supposedly they make the latter available but it seems it might only be the last 500 uploaded.
  2. Seriously? Well, too late now, but they have just committed the ultimate insult and sold one of my photos for $4.70 (at 50%) which is the lowest price yet in 5 years. I wrote to Alamy- Hello! I have a question. How did you manage to sell one of my photos (of the band Rush) for the princely sum of $4.70, of which you take half? This only solidifies my decision to quit Alamy as being the correct one. This will be the last photo you sell for me, and it is something to remember you by. But seriously, I don't believe it's listed anywhere on my page (see attachments) that the price is that low, and
  3. They pay me directly into my bank account- do some have a different arrangement?
  4. All mine are presently exclusive to Alamy but come July I don’t believe that will even exist as there is no longer an incentive.
  5. I never submitted my most valuable work either, and I’m also removing my photos which are presently on Alamy.
  6. I just quit Alamy and will be removing my work. They just asked me to sell 2 photographs to a corporate client for $15. apiece, which amount to $7.50 each after Alamy removes their 50% commission, and less once it drops to 40%. While I hesitated before, as I’ve invested thousands of hours on the 4,621 photos I submitted, it was frankly a waste of my time.
  7. Considering the pittance you charge clients for our images, we have a hard time even reaching your Silver limit. ie. 15 photos of mine sold totalled under $190.? It’s a joke. I made more on one individual sale I sold directly, and I confirmed my credit would appear, knew exactly where it would be published & limited how long the agreement was for. 40% is taking advantage of photographers. We have all worked hard to submit info and key words with our photos, thousands of hours, under an agreement of 50%, and this is Alamy’s reply?
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