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  1. Is there a 'league table' of stock sites anywhere? Curious as to what other sites I should consider joining now.
  2. You are missing the part where you are getting 40% of the amount that has already had the distributor cut taken, so more likely you will receive 18% of the total sale price.
  3. So if you are on Silver and make enough sales to actually get paid in the year you'll move to Gold
  4. Interesting wording on the distribution sales commission, it used to be that the distributor got 40% and alamy got 30% leaving 30% for you. Now Alamy get 60% of what is left AFTER the distributor has taken their cut for Platinum or Gold and 80% for silver. If you assume the distributor is still taking 40% (it is totally undisclosed in the new table.) Previously you got 30% Platinum you will get 18% Gold you will get 18% and SIlver will get 12% Have I got this wrong?
  5. Sorely disappointed in this contract change, I won't bother uploading any more pictures to Alamy, I had been sorting through mine meaning to submit a significant number but don't really see the point if I'm going to end up on 20%. I've made more sales privately than through Alamy (different pictures as I had kept those on Alamy as exclusive) so will take my images down once the contract change comes in to force.
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