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  1. try it "nick jenkins" alamy http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/reinvent-the-high-street/10132583/Reinventing-the-high-street-why-the-WI-is-lending-a-hand.html km Thanks, Redsnapper (and everyone else). That certainly finds my images (one by one) but on a site called www.dijitalimaj.com ?????? Are they a subsidiary or agent of Alamy ?...I don't have an account with them, but all the images carry the Alamy reference and are marked `Alamy Images'. What it doesn't do is finf how many views/zooms each image has had, which, personally, I think wouldbe useful for gauging future activity.
  2. Hi all As a relative newcomer to the library I am interested as to whether you track the activity on your own images.?..Do you just rely on the My Alamy "your images" or do you use your own tecniques?
  3. My zooms have recently dropped off completely over the last two months. I know I don't have that many images on board but am adding regularly and still nothing. Something has changed.
  4. Thanks for the response, James....it,s good to know that you are looking in :-)
  5. Why?! because you would restrict the viewpoint of non-contributors, who could be potential customers That's the whole point of a closed forum. Non-contributors/potential customers won't be able to lurk around our discussions on prices, etc. I know that, but no-one can work in their own little world any more?...from my brief entry into these forums it seems we have little control over prices anyway..see the post on refunds, for example...what would be better would be if Alamy themselves joined in the discussion
  6. Why?! because you would restrict the viewpoint of non-contributors, who could be potential customers
  7. my zooms have disappeared completely the past month...but I rarely have any sales, so I suppose it's makes no difference :(
  8. thanks to everyone for their comments/views...I can't track down the failed shot for upload, but will take on board the framing and the 3600 tips
  9. I'm using a Nikon D60...reasonable lenses, and alwasy shoot Raw.......yes I know it's old but it still gives decent results. The problem with QC fail is that they give you a multitude of possible reasons...but more than often it's the cropped one's that fail. I acn't believe everyone gets the right shot in the right frame every time. How does that work?
  10. Whenever I crop an image it always seems to fail QC (even if I get past the size barrier). Surely there are images on here that have been re-sized?. is there a technique or protocol to follow?
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