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  1. I appreciate this question has probably been asked before...but I'm having trouble getting my `portrait' size shots past the upload requirements. Is it just that `portrait' doesn't work with clients or do I need to re-size in some way. I shoot in RAW and then convert to dng in Lightroom 4 before exporting into jpeg. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. This program will tell you whether the size is correct http://www.braeside.plus.com/photography/alamy/alamy.html
  3. Typical...my one and only sale stands at $73...boo hoo...no happy xmas for me :angry: :angry: :angry:
  4. Now re-posted in the forum section....
  5. In case you're wondering, I posted this in the Alamy forum by mistake When I open up a `preview' of a topic/thread I get the option of `mark as read'...if I then go into the topic I can't do the same from within the topic...I have to backup to enable....seems to be adding a further unnecessary step..... or have I missed something?
  6. Thanks..realised my mistake :-)
  7. When I open up a `preview' of a topic/thread I get the option of `mark as read'...if I then go into the topic I can't do the same from within the topic...I have to backup to enable....seems to be adding a further unnecessary step..... or have I missed something?
  8. Thanks, Alex...that's exactly what I'm doing...just found it a little `misleading' to start with...but now that I know :)
  9. thanks..that's where I'm looking ...but it still seems to show `all zooms' on a particular word search (from within my onw pseudonyms). Look at 'search activity- your images' for your own stats, not 'all of Alamy'.. With such a small number of images you shouldn't expect more than a couple of zooms a month. isle mull 17 1 0 0 0.00 2,640 4 0.15 The `4' in the zoom column and therefore the CTR (0.15) are not mine, but all the searches made under `Isle Mull' this month. I'm not expecting big (or any numbers for that matter) numbers while I build up my pf....but do like to understand the analysis better. e.g.
  10. Thanks, Mirco....think I have just found the answer...when I went into the cluster of images it showed no zooms...I have checked the analysis page and note that it shows the 4 zooms under `Total Zooms'....This must mean Total zooms for the keyword shown and NOT my images...boo hoo!!! :(
  11. I wonder whether anyone can explain whether this is correct or not? For a few months I have had zero zooms....ok, I say, no-one has been interested in my `historical' uploads...I regularly look at `your images' and today I had an increase in `your views' but zero zooms. Interested in which images people are looking at, when I delve deeper, I find that there have been a number of views on my recent uploads (within the last month). Still with me? The highest `your views' were for the recent upload (17 views) and `your images' shows 4 zooms....but the overall count for the current month shows 0 zooms. How can this be? Confused? or what?
  12. you have a very eclectic portfolio but above all very colourful...I wonder if that is the trick :D
  13. agree..some of the major travel companies are owned by a single holding company but trade separately. Take TUI for example...here's a list of their major brands..http://www.tuitravelplc.com/brand-experience/featured-brands Assume that each `brand' would require a separate licence
  14. With NASA closed perhaps there's a chance to get some space sales? :-) :-) :-) :-)
  15. 16/09/2013 UK, The Times, Zim Rotterdam, Timothy Smith DE9627 apologies...posted earlier and also one by Robert Lea - online version
  16. looks like the Aero Coupe...only £126,500 :D :D http://www.morgan-motor.co.uk/mmc/carrange/aerocoupe/morganaerocoupe.html
  17. Ed, In All of Alamy, if you click on the menu data title, "Sales," the list of search terms will be reordered in order of sales (from most to least) and puts all the items that show 0 sales some three or four pages away (you have to click on the Sales title twice to get order from highest to lowest). I find this feature very useful to see what search terms buyers are using that generate the most sales...and if my own keywords are missing any of the terms if I have a similar image. I also find it useful to search for subjects (especially those I can find right around my house) I hadn't thought of shooting that have sold. Dave an interesting exercise..but take `pumpkin' as a search word...it comes up with 45,000+ entries and many more links...I have a few pumpkin shots..but how would I ever find mine in such a big field of pumpkins? ...is there a generic search order if a potential buyer doesn't specify? e.g. date order or ref number?
  18. Still no pseudonym.....have also emailed Alamy support..nothing????? What else can I do?
  19. Hi I created a new pseudonym yesterday, making a batch transfer of some of my existing images. Thought it might be up and running today? Is there a wait time? Does it have to be `approved'? jeff
  20. was interested in how to do this and have created a new pseudonym but when I go to the `your images' screen I only get the my initial pseudonym listed....does it take a while for this to activate?
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