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  1. I'll give the normal Alamy upload software a go and see if it fares any better
  2. It's a third party plugin...I can see the various options in LR's export dialog box but neither overwrite or rename had any effect...it's not a major problem as it was onky a small batch. Just an irritation.
  3. Not sure I understand fully...I have tried re-naming them but the software seems to recognise the original image and won't allow me to re-submit again, so not sure that copying them elsewhere will help, unless it's the source that the software recognises.
  4. I use the Alamy export plugin in Lightroom 4. I can't see any replace, overwrite etc...Have just had a look at the Alamy upload software too and there doesn't seem to be a box to check there either.
  5. I have just had a small batch of images failed because a random sample found a `smudge' (further inspection reveals nothing untoward in the camera) which I accept is not up to standard. I re-examined others in the batch and was happy that the problem wasn't re-occuring. However, my attempt to re-submit is thwarted as the Lightroom Exporter tells me that the file has already been submitted. I have re-named them and get the same answer. Am I doomed to lose this batch?
  6. Let's hope they don't start excluding the older DSLRs
  7. Have Alamy changed their 'suitability' list? I have a Fujifilm finepix j30 12.2 mgp which I use from time to time and have successfully passed QC in the past. Today I received a failure notice on a small batch( the only reason). Have checked the suitability list and the j30 is on the unsuitable list. I'm sure it wasn't there before.
  8. Barking

    Drop Down Menus

    Probably the best option...but still shouldn't have to do it Would you rather Alamy spent time and money on drop down menus or sales and marketing? personally, I think they shoul be able to do both without compromising either. They must have a dedicated it team (or outsourcing) which manages the web site?
  9. Barking

    Drop Down Menus

    Probably the best option...but still shouldn't have to do it
  10. Barking

    Drop Down Menus

    Does anyone else find it irritating to have to click through several menus every time they want to access particular pages on the web site? Under `My Alamy' could we please have a drop down (floating menu) that allows you to select the various links without having to re-select `my alamy' each and every time
  11. now that will be interesting
  12. talking to myself...but that's normal anyway....found the Puffin broswer( from the above link)...that seems to work .....thanks for the links again
  13. Managed to find the adobe flashplayer in the archive but my Android 4.2.2 still won't open flash. I'll keep looking
  14. Thanks, David...I'll give that a try
  15. What about Android tablets? Any suggestions for apps that will do the same job?
  16. Start here...http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/selfemployed/........the amount of tax and national insurance you pay depends largely on your income(s) but if you estimate around 25-28% of your gross income as being the taxable part, you shouldn't go far wrong......(unles you expect to eran big bucks!!! in which case it can be between 40-50%!! There are however lots of ways of reducing your `burden' . You have to register within 3 months of starting, but HMRC can be very helpful, sometimes they run courses or provide self help.
  17. 1 $ale $7.95......that will keep the bank manager away :-) :-) :-)
  18. I have sets uploaded on each day waiting since 25/11/13....very unusual
  19. Thanks losdemas and Charley...I already use Alamy size check which tells me if it will upload but doesn't tell me what to do when it doesn't, come up to scratch.....anyway I think I have solved the issue...just need to check my LR settings more carefully. Thanks everyone :-) :-)
  20. Have tried that but it reduces the jpg size...from 6.5mp to 4.6mp which affects the compressed size...but actually seems to still pass the size-check...will try out some other uploads, but thanks for the advice
  21. Ok...think I have cracked it myself...I have to change the size to `long edge' only (3872 worked). Thanks for your time and help. If there's anything else I'm not setting correctly, will be pleased to listen :)
  22. Just tried to upload a screenshot but the system syas the file ext. is not allowe in thsi community...will try another method sorry..can't seem to get a screen shot...even with word????? the settings I have been using are to reset size to 3872x2592 (width and height) resoloution set at 300
  23. Just tried to upload a screenshot but the system syas the file ext. is not allowe in thsi community...will try another method
  24. Hi Spacecadet I'm not cropping or re-sizing at all...my `standard `portrait' size (in Lightroom) shows as 2592x3872...my landscapes are the reverse, yet the portraits fail upload,,,(I'm using a Nikon D60). Baffles me
  25. I appreciate this question has probably been asked before...but I'm having trouble getting my `portrait' size shots past the upload requirements. Is it just that `portrait' doesn't work with clients or do I need to re-size in some way. I shoot in RAW and then convert to dng in Lightroom 4 before exporting into jpeg. Any advice would be appreciated.
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