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  1. My first sale of 2015...yippeee!!! $57...less 70% comission....but it should just push me over the $75 payment threshold...
  2. Barking

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    The non flash is well overdue. So frustrating not being able to manage from different platforms
  3. Alamy is not a place to learn it is a place to sell images that buyers can be sure are up to a certain standard. If an image fails QC it would have let us all down if it had slipped through and then been purchased, by a subsequently unhappy customer. Would you be happy to supply a substandard image direct to a client. I am guessing you would not. I wholly agree...but I had done my pre upload checks and was happy with the result....but now I won't know what is wrong for another month. If I have missed something, then it would be good not to replicate the error? What would be wrong in releasing the 'failed' notice and still disabling uploads (if that is the best way forward)?
  4. you're lucky, my last email took 5 days....and then my next batch failed....another 28 days in the clink...is it really that necessary to ban people for that long,,,better to tell me what is unacceptable (so that I can improve) than to `punish' me...not sure Alamy is worth the hassle....very few sales anyway...ok moan over
  5. But ...... when you look for "police helicopter" your picture ED6WF1 lands on page 4 (90 images/page) on a total of 32 pages. And that ........ isn't bad at all. Cheers, Philippe Wow! Thanks, Philippe...didn't realise there was such a market for `police helicopters'
  6. Did what was suggested and I'm on Page 19!!!! Whoop de do! At least it's a start point...the only way is up? :D :D
  7. Thanks, Doc...will give it a try...suspect I'll be on page 101 at least
  8. For those who are relatively new to this 'game'how do we mere mortals calculate our ranking?
  9. Point 1 surely they should make a counter complaint for foul and abusive language likely to cause a breach of the peace? Point 2 these by laws were clearly written to stop 'semi permanent' structures being set up and would not apply to a tripod point 3 the by laws must be clearly advertised, I doubt that's the case a set up ifuyou ask me
  10. I, too, had problems this pm. Got there after about 3 attempts
  11. You need a slice of 'remorse' pie topped with humble custard!!!!!!
  12. My three pennorth. 1 Ability to delete in QC waiting list. 2 remove need to determine how many 'people' ( i.e. either people or no people) if model releases are available, allow separate upload facility 3 allow default options e.g. photograph, not digitally altered, pseudonym etc 4 predictive keywording software
  13. Thanks, Jill..rather confirms what I thought...we're all human, except the computer!!!!!!!!
  14. Try sending in the exact same files with the exact same names, but now corrected. Maybe with the headline and keyword corrected. And let us know if it has worked. wim but, I assume, my account will be locked for 28 days and any subsequent uploads would fail?
  15. After trying really hard to review my images before uploading, I rushed a batch and as soon as I had hit the key I knew they would fail. Couldn't there be a way of accessing the batches to delete them before they get near QC? I'm now back in the sin bin again. Aaaaaargggghh!
  16. From the horse's mouth:- Captions always need the following and in this format please: *Full location ( town and/or city, ALWAYS the country as “UK”) * Date in words (25th September 2013 not 25/09/2013 or 09/25/2013) *What you can see happening in each image? *Who is in the image? *Why is it happening? Background info * “Credit: YOUR NAME/Alamy Live News”I got this advice from the Live news team a while ago:- I have the Lightroom plugin for direct upload...but this doesn't seem to include 'live news'. Do I have to edit the plugin, or is there a separate one?
  17. I had a great month...one sale..that's a 100% improvement. But only $21..still not enough to get paid out...but just enough to keep me interested :-)
  18. Thanks for the feedback....just have to learn to live with it ....
  19. Probably been asked before, but not recently. Just been notified of a sale $20.85 (Wheyhey!!!!) but then I'm hit with two commissions...Alamy's (30%) and a Distributor's (40%) - (so have lost 70%)...hardly seems right..is it?
  20. one of my favourite Italian locations....brings back fond memories...the point is well made
  21. Barking, looking at your portfolio on Alamy I could say this to you. 1) Take a look at what you have. The very first page comes up with three pictures of a crab. The first two look nearly identical. This is also not the only example as there are others. 2) As a landscape/ travel photographer I would say watch the blown skies on some of your images. E19N9X is one example where to me it looks like there are blown highlights in the sky. From looking at it I would say there is a possibility they could be toned down using the grad tool in Lightroom. However, I would always emphasize getting it right "in camera" before you get back home. It is always about time and if like me you are shooting a lot then time is everything and you don't need to faffing about once you get back to the digital workstation. 3) Composition. E19NAG is a good example of timing for me. The two people have their legs chopped off. It may not bother some but it does me. It's something that is easily done but also easily avoided. 4) Exposure. DPENEW looks very underexposed. It could be that is what you want but looking at it the image looks way too dark. Is it all negative? No, of course not. What I would say is that you have a good variety of subjects from a good variety of places. Bear in mind some of the above then just keep shooting and uploading Any help? Thanks, Jools....always grateful for help The Crabs...admittedly similar, but my thinking was they were different enough in case a `buyer' wanted a slightly different angle/pick? E19N9X - Lightroom histogram does not show any blown highlights E19NAG - Yes, the cut off has been pointed out eslewhere...you only get one chance, sometimes DPENEW - Yes, I agree...was trying to get the atmosphere all very useful tips/comments...must try harder. I had a brief blip with QC and then got another batch through but my latest seem to have `failed' again - yet I felt I had ben really careful...aaaarrrggghhh!!!
  22. Would be interesting to see Alamy's end of financial year balance sheet to see what accruals they have? Why can't we just extract (withdraw) the money when it's in our account? - as you can with online betting etc.....if Alamy allow sufficient time for potential refunds (say 60 days), then there shouldn't be any risk of them having to come back to the subscriber.
  23. If I had made any sales, then perhaps I could afford to have my shots reviewed :D :D (back in the sin bin again!!!!!) :angry: :angry:
  24. Are you able to zoom in on the name board? It's too blurred on this image. a further google search under 'mosaic toronto ferries' shows a link to pinterest which records it as the 'jack layton ferry terminal'. Does that help?
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