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  1. No more sales, but have now reached the 1000 images bar... :D :D
  2. Today's Daily Express has an image of a young girl in a school uniform for an article relating to short skirts. Credited Alamy Might be BAB2T3...but not sure, only read in coffee shop
  3. Having just lost use of my desktop (terminal failure)I now have no access to 'Manage Images' as my tablet and smartphones won't / don't support flash...you've been promising non flash for ages......
  4. Clearly a very good, saleable image....but couldn't that shot have been taken anyday (subject to conditions)? Why do newspapers not search for stock shots (rather than news)?....
  5. I have notuced a large influx of sunrise/sunset and non-descript beach shots masquerading as 'News'...surely news should be something specific and 'new' that has happened that day? After all, when I was at school, the sun rose every day !!! Perhaps I need to re-evaluate?
  6. Not in the same league, but just had a $68 marketing licence drop in...frustratingly my account is now $1below payout threshold. ....things looking up though
  7. Just looked at image. I can see sharp parts in there even though it is an image of a moving subject with included flare. Allan you must have better eyesight than me
  8. B2WBNW http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-close-up-of-a-pin-wheel-18997717.html ???? Alamy promoting this on Twitter......where it states it was taken in 2008????? What part of this is 'sharp'?
  9. Apparently it's a recent change in Alamy that has caused this. Jim issued an update but the software now returns a different error message ' unable to update catalog'. Am progressing this through Jim, hope to have a resolution soon.
  10. http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/jan/10/lithuania-activity-family-holiday-children The ‘Joy of all who Sorrow’ church in Druskininkai. Photograph: Alamy
  11. LightroomPlugin are aware and trying to fix
  12. Closing this down...think it's a licence problem with the plug in...thanks for your help
  13. Yes..the plugin fails to log in to my account details and just kicks me out of the export box. Have tried re-loading the plugin but to no avail.
  14. Hi...can anyone help, please? I normally use a Lightroom plugin to upload my images and have started getting an error message `Alamy server says `200'. Can anyone enlightne me as to what this means? Thanks
  15. Is this genuine? http://petapixel.com/2015/11/18/reuters-issues-a-worldwide-ban-on-raw-photos/ if yes, then is Alamy likely to be following suit, particularly in the news uploads? I see little difference, except a possible drop in quality...you can `process' in jpeg too.
  16. Wouldn't it be cheaper to employ interpreters and then both Alamy and the photographers get a bigger slice?
  17. No expert, but a Google image search throws up a few.....Golden Ragwort? Packera aurea.
  18. After my first payout last month (finally reached the threshold) I had a sale posted this morning for $86 ($25 to me) .....mine too was a distributor sale in France, book usage...image taken in Peru some years ago now.
  19. I've had my camera (Nikon) cleaned twice now...on both occasions the `bunnies' were caused by sand dust (must be a lesson in there somewhere!!!! ). Tried the self cleaning but found it very time consuming and frustrating.. Decided to use a professional service and used Calumet. My local is in Belfast, but they have an outlet in Manchester...charged around £40 if I remember correcty..but it is worth it
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