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  1. 3 hours ago, famousbelgian said:

    Has anyone else had issues with the date from the metadata not transferring correctly to Alamy? I uploaded 40 images last week and noticed that all the dates were different from the metadata, all of them had been changed to the same date about 2 years away from the time of the shoot. I had to highlight all images of the batch in AIM and change it back to the correct date.



    I had that problem a few months back...if you work through all the metadata fields in 'Library' in Lightroom you will find the rogue date.  If I recall correctly I had to deselect the field that was causing the issue.  Sorry if that's a little vague😊

  2. No not live news...though thinking about it now, it probably should have been as it's a rare occurrence over here!!!


    No property sign offs, so purely editorial


    This was a shot of an electric car being charged...failure stated 'noise' and 'noticeable retouching'.  The only retouching was to the number plate.  Shot on a sunny isles day ISO 200 1/640... Couldn't see much 'noise' myself...must have been a bad day 😁


    I'll move on

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