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  1. I had that problem a few months back...if you work through all the metadata fields in 'Library' in Lightroom you will find the rogue date. If I recall correctly I had to deselect the field that was causing the issue. Sorry if that's a little vague😊
  2. Some good advice there...I generally shy away from 'small batches' for fear of rejection...mine must fall under micro batches (rarely more than 10 at a time). πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  3. No not live news...though thinking about it now, it probably should have been as it's a rare occurrence over here!!! No property sign offs, so purely editorial This was a shot of an electric car being charged...failure stated 'noise' and 'noticeable retouching'. The only retouching was to the number plate. Shot on a sunny isles day ISO 200 1/640... Couldn't see much 'noise' myself...must have been a bad day 😁 I'll move on
  4. Just a warning...I had always thought that car number plates should be obscured, and have done this in the past. Just had a submission failure partly for `noticeable retouching'.
  5. It's been a long time coming, but finally got a sale of $63 for a picture of a JCB 😁😁😁
  6. It's not an offence to withhold your name and address. The civilian member of staff should be reprimanded for impersonating a police officer
  7. Had to raise support tickets last week...Alamy has made some changes that required 'robot' denial...Jim and his team came back quickly to provide workarounds...Have resubscribed my licence ????
  8. Have a look at the Olympus OM-D range. I'm using an older EM5..It has the look of a DSLR but sits in the hand nicely. Mine had both an optical and electronic viewfinder
  9. Just checked...No, they're defaulting to 23 April 2016????? (will take it up with member services)
  10. In case anyone else hasn't noticed, the uploaded images don't seem to pick up the `date taken' from the metadata. You have to input it manually (optional)
  11. Query....recently had a number of images pass QC, so I go in and complete tags etc to a stage where the banner goes Green (Good Discoverability?). Go back in today and they show `Orange'... I have enough `Tags' and `Supertags', have completed the `optionals'....what more do I have to do?. They are `on sale...e.g. J0KTWA Any thoughts?
  12. 2 sales at $12 each...that will just about pay for my coffee for a week :P
  13. $15....better than nothing at all (pre registered last year, so it came automatically this year)
  14. No more sales, but have now reached the 1000 images bar... :D :D
  15. Today's Daily Express has an image of a young girl in a school uniform for an article relating to short skirts. Credited Alamy Might be BAB2T3...but not sure, only read in coffee shop
  16. Having just lost use of my desktop (terminal failure)I now have no access to 'Manage Images' as my tablet and smartphones won't / don't support flash...you've been promising non flash for ages......
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