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  1. I use Elements 12 for software (as well as Lightroom.) I have an image of a crane fly with a totally white background which, when saved on setting 12 (Maximum) in Elements 12 - shows a file size of 1.1M However to see the real file size, go to "Image" - "Resize" - "Image size" and a dialogue box pops up. Now don't change the size whatsoever, but take a look at the top, inside the dialogue box, where it states "Pixel dimensions". When I do this with my 1.1M close up image but with a large white BG the actual file size shows up as 34.7M That is then size that Alamy is talking abo
  2. I have been using Firefox browser for quite a while but now I have to use Internet explorer on its own to be able to upload files. With Firefox I cab only get the start page I cannot see QC Progress, nor can I 'manage images after QC. I do not know what the problem is or if it is mine or a general one.
  3. 29th Dec, 30th Dec and 31st Dec all passed in 24 hours,but I am waiting today for yesterdays uploads. I hope this is one of the QC days of rest!!!!!!
  4. Have a good rest guys and dolls so that you can pass all my images all the time. lol
  5. This failure can be really annoying. After 30 days you find one of ylour uploads was found to be soft when in fact it is crystal clear and sharp with adequate contrast. I sometimes fear that the monitors used by maybe only one of the QC team needs calibration. I have over 600 approvals but occasioanlly get this stupid and to my mind, false reason for failure.
  6. Yes I do hope that our unelected, uneducated and corrupt EU commissioners do not think this a good idea. To me it will spell the death knell for the tourism of any country that adopts such a measure. Having read a lot of the detail, it would prove impossible to take a picture intended for use as a postcard, of a beach scene where the beach is fulll of sunbathers. Quite a normal thing in tourist brochures, holiday company brochures as well as picture postcards. Just the kind of thing the EU might consider worthwhile being as stupid as they are. Hopefully all EU member states who have be
  7. No problems with boat names, I leave them on display all the time.
  8. Once you go past 3 days you will have to wait for 30 days. A bit stupid really like being on the 'naughty step'. If Alamy is serious about selling images why the hell make people wait this long occasionally for transgressions which at times are somewhat doubtful? It becomes necessary to clone out sea birds which in backgrounds could appear to be dust spots for example.
  9. I had a nice sale in Japan but it was spoilt by the japanese demanding a commission of 40%. So 40% to Alamy and 40% to the Japanese agent, left very little for me. Still something is better than nothing when we no longer have to provide mounted prints to sell.
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