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  1. I had the same concern about the 44 days notice and 45 days to close an account, so I sent notice yesterday that I will not agree to the new contract terms. The reply email from Alamy said my account will be closed on June 30th.
  2. For me, these contract changes are giant red flags that demonstrate a change of ethics in the company. I initially liked Alamy because I felt the commission split was reasonably fair, and the staff at Alamy had always been responsive and supportive. I hadn't posted on the forums until now, but I have read them when I had questions and they have been incredibly helpful - another great resource leading to an overall positive contributor experience. A few things in the new contract bother me, and I won't agree to it. I want to say thank you to the people here for helping me even whe
  3. I'm not sure I entirely understand what you're saying. I am not an agency contributor so I haven't had experience with those types of sales. What I meant by my statement was that if a sale is made for $100 and it goes to the lowest tier, Alamy pockets $80. If it goes to the top tier Alamy only pockets $50. When they can make $30 more off the little contributor, it's a disincentive to promote their larger contributors. Their profits increase when ours decrease.
  4. I agree about the tiered systems. If you think about the numbers the new contract provides a disincentive for Alamy to want the biggest sellers to sell more work. Alamy will actually make larger profits if sales are spread out among lots of smaller contributors who are in lower tiers.... With a 50/50 split, they make money when you make money. With a tiered system, the more contributors who have low sales and can't get to the next tier, the more money goes to Alamy's pockets. And with the massive number of images in this library I would imagine it would be to be super easy to spread those
  5. I agree. Also, it is Alamy's job to sell the photos so why are the contributors being punished for low sales?
  6. So if I do not want to agree to the new contract, is there an opt out button or do I have go through the usual process to delete my account? Because the website says account deletion takes 45 days and the contract goes "into force" on July 1 (in 44 days.)
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