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  1. GeoffK and Betty LaRue Thanks so much for your advice. Very carefully looking into it. Spending most of my time identifying plants I see everywhere but also trying to get a portfolio of the full range of plants and their colours. The aquilegia you picked out was due to a need to see as many aquilegia colours (and withall flowers) as possible - sometimes the background isn't 'convenient'! It can seem like a documentary, reference shots portfolio and I do need to concentrate more on the quality of the image. Thank you again!
  2. meanderingemu Long time contributor - yes, from 2006 - 08 then a 12 year gap! I didn't ever look at the forums and I started just now to 'be honest with myself'! People on the forum are incredibly generous and cannot believe how much valuable information is given. I'll be keeping an eye out from now on ... I hope I can help someone out in the future like you all have helped me.
  3. wiskerke Superb! I'll be reading these asap. Thank you so much
  4. Thank you John Richmond, meanderingemu and Miz Brown Points taken! Caption space is obviously much more important than just the name of the flower. meanderingemu - what is AoA? Took 5 mins to realise kw was keywords!!
  5. Thank you John for your informative reply. As I'm just starting out going through the year, I realise there will be a wait of one year for garden magazines to start looking for appropriate photos. I completely toned down the keywording tonight and it does seem to make sense dramatically reducing the amount of unnecessary fluff. I had strange imaginings of someone searching for an image - spring flower four petals burgundy plant - madness! I imagine those who are looking for plants know exactly what they're looking for and not a random searching for a 'pretty tulip'. If you go t
  6. Thank you all for your very generous time critiquing my portfolio. All these points I'll 'take on board'! Keyword spamming I seemed to be doing in hot pursuit of the 50 keywords. I put London in the keywords but perhaps should be in the caption as well. Composition - I often take a few shots at different angles and generally allow for copyspace. This has been really helpful and will continue to upload along with pertinent keywords only.
  7. I've uploaded 3000 images since January - of flowers and plants. One sale! I know, need patience but not a huge amount of views either. Latin names, relevant keywords, good composition all included. I'm doing a year of plants in the UK so uploading almost every day. Aware that flowers are a popular subject too! Also, is there a way of putting photos in sets? ie tulips, snowdrops etc.
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