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  1. My main claims would be a combination of: - The editing/restoration process itself is transformative in nature and creates a new copyright and/or would no longer infringe on the original photographer's copyright, when the following points are considered: - Copyright of trademarked brands/designs/content is much more lenient for 'Editorial' content, and even more so for educational/historical content. With that I mean that the bar for what is considered copyright infringement is purposely much higher by virtue of its educational (as opposed to commercial) role. Publishing copyrighted
  2. Thanks for the response. I perfectly recognize the question regarding the copyright would be the complicated part, considering: - On the one hand, copyright regarding the subject matter isn't that important for 'Editorial' images as opposed to commercial, and I imagine wouldn't be the decisive factor here. - On the other hand, there's the ever-present issue of fair use, and at what point the editing of an image establishes a new copyright. There are plenty of examples where little more than a name change suffices ('Hughes v. Benjamin (1:17-cv-06493)' comes to mind), so bl
  3. Hi there! First post here, let me know if this should go in some other sub-section or anything else. Also, sorry for the length. I tried to stay concise but it is what it is. The actual question is in bold. Are restored (edited) images of original vintage movie posters something that would be eligible as non-commercial 'Editorial' content on Alamy? Or is it either non-eligible, or not worth the hassle considering the multiple complications of image origin, copyright, uneven quality, etc. On the other hand, if it is in fact eligible, is there anything I should keep in mind? Especial
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