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  1. I think we can find more effective solutions for “sustainable growth”. One of these could be the reduction of "visual pollution". Or let's say gently "crowd" instead of "pollution". I typed, girl, painted hands, dirty, fun, into the search box. More than half of the photos on the first page are variations of each other. With these tags, there are 625 photos, but actually, there are only 20-30 photos. Others are just variations of each other. If I was a graphic editor (customer), I wouldn't look at such pages. Very boring. Instead, a tick box called variations ca
  2. "Our growth plans are beginning to take shape. Your own individual results on our platform will vary, but overall sales via our website in 2021 are 45% higher than they were in the first 4 months of 2020. This increases the earning potential for all our contributors and we want to be sure our model supports sustainable growth." This does not mean mathematically that each contributor earns more. but that means Alamy earns close to 45% more. If you want to do a decent job, listen to the Photographers' request: Give photographers the right to set a minimum price
  3. Thank you for advise. I think it isolved via dropbox
  4. Hi, Forgive me for asking a question that has been asked many times. Issue, upload reportage. Alamy stated that it was an additional route, but I could not find/solve it. The reportage menu in the far right column on the upload page is closed to me. I accessed the reportage archive download page from dashbord and submitted the summary. When I click on the dashboard, there is a "website or portfolio" box on the page that appears. what should be written here. (My photos are not available in any digital media. I mean, I don't have an accessible website or portfolio. I chose
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