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  1. Thanks Guys , May be if someone knows what is Alamy rank ? I see my QZ rank is 3 but where is Alamy rank , does it impact overall sales and what is the criteria behind this people.
  2. Many thanks Autumn Sky. I did get a few big sales in the last 3-4 years , but total sales is very low for me . Like in 21 I just got 3 sales of very small amounts. Many of my photos were uploaded initially in 2017-2018 and then I just used so many not so relevant keywords. Since then I feel I have been better in skills but let say I have a good pic of an elephant baby which I uploaded now , still in Alamy measures it shows my old not so good photos appearing. Do I just delete those old pics ? Or just update or remove those keywords. I feel uploading new photos (simi
  3. Thanks NYCat , agreed sometimes we are just swayed to just fill in the description and keywords . Advise taken.
  4. Hi All I have been uploading on alamy for over 3-4 years now with only 25 sales . Can you please advise how to boost sale. Any positive or negative feedback on my portfolio will be greatly appreciated.
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