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  1. Yes apologies as I couldn't see that my first post had gone through but just as I posted my second post I could then see that my first one had in fact worked! I'm new to the forum so am just finding my way with it 🙂 My thanks go out to all those who have responded, your help is very much appreciated indeed.
  2. Hi, I'm new to Stock Photography and wondered whether I would need business insurance such as Public Liability/Indemnity in order to cover myself and others or does Alamy take liability for any issues? I've researched it but it seems to be a very grey area and isn't much information out there on this topic. It's difficult as I don't know any other photographers to ask their advice on this matter and due to the pandemic situation won't be joining any camera clubs any time soon. I'd be very grateful to hear your thoughts on this matter and hear about what you do photography wise and
  3. Hi there, I'm fairly new to Stock Photography and so was wondering what people do with regards to business insurance i.e. public liability, indemnity, etc, to protect against any potential claims/issues along the way. Do we even need insurance or does Alamy take liability? I'd be grateful for any advice you could give me as to what you do insurance wise. Many thanks in advance 👍
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