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  1. You can take the advice, to upload 4 "safe, easy" images, to get accepted. That´s ok, but it wouldn´t be my approach. I would upload 4 pictures, that represent my style, and what I think, should pass QC. Why? Because your first upload is the only chance, that a rejection doesn´t harm your Alamy rank, and you don´t have to wait in the "sin bin". And it´s also the only time you can be sure, that all of your images are checked carefully, and you can estimate, what is acceptable, and what is not.
  2. When I get such an "exposure" offer, I always remember this video:
  3. @ Charly The plugin creates smart collections,where you can see the status of your images, f,e a collection for images that are ready, images on sale, sold images, ... This smart collections update automatically, when you fetch the metadata from Alamy, I made a document that looks like this: Caption XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ... XXXXXXXXXX (128 characters) Now I write the caption here ... Essential keywords XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (50 characters) The same for main and comprehensive. Now I can write underneath, and do no
  4. @ Philippe You are right, if you shoot and safe JPEG, only. But if you shoot and safe RAW, it doesn´t matter. Than you can deliver whatever the client wants.
  5. I used to submit in Adobe RGB, since this year, I submit sRGB. I changed my mind, after reading a post in the old forum, from a long time Alamy member (David C.?). My brother in law owns a printing company. He says, it doesn´t matter, which colour space. He has to proof the results, anyway. Another friend works at a local newspaper. Nobody cares there, too. If somebody really needs something special, they will contact Alamy. Since Alamy doesn´t convert the thumbnails, they look better in sRGB. I also remember an interview with Alamy´s CEO, where he said, sRGB is ok. But that´s my o
  6. I´m not a biker, and my motorcycle-knowledge is very limited. Any ideas, which brands and types these are? Harleys? The emblem on the tank shows a "V": This has skull and bones on the emblem: I hope, there is sombody less ignorant than myself!
  7. I´ve almost the same workflow as Zigzagmtart. The plugin solves the Alamy keywording issue n0t 100%, but it comes close. One issue is, that it doesn´t count the number of characters. For this, I created a simple document file, used "X" to indicate the number of characters of the different Alamy fields, and write my keywords underneath. Than I copy and paste it into the dedicated plugin-fields. This has also the advantage, if you have images, which require slightly different keywords, it is easier to edit in a document file, than in Lightroom. The smart-collections alone, justify th
  8. I´ve uprgaded to Lightroom 5. For 99%, that´s all I need. For the 1% left, I switched to Gimp.
  9. @ Julie I bought a new computer and installed Lightroom 5. It wasn´t an update, and I have no way back to my old version. When I try to install the plugin, I get the message: "No supported version of Lightroom is installed". Somebody here with the same problem? I send a mail to the support, waiting for the response. Edit: Problem solved. A new installer for Lightroom 5 is available. (Thank you, Jim!)
  10. The Alamy plugin is not working with Lightroom 5. (In my case, at least.)
  11. @ Ed Thank you! You are totally right! It is better to go ahead, and give the "New-Buttom" a chance.
  12. ... not because I don´t like the new forum, but because of the lost wisdom! I know, my question was answered before, but I can´t remember the answers. Here is my problem: My post processing skills have improved quite a bit in the last months. I also calibrated my monitor. So, some of my images look much better now, than the versions a have online. Is there a possibility to change the pictures, or should I upload the new versions, and delete the old? Colin
  13. It depends on the picture. A street scene in Manila is different to a scenic beach at sunset, where you forgot to pick up that single plastic bottle in the middle of the frame. I remove f. e. a single cigarette butt on an otherwise clean place, the famous far away bird in a blue sky, fuzzes on clothing, and everything else, what can be mistaken as a dust spot and can be easily stamped out with one click. At f/16 and smaller apertures, I can find 2 or 3 small dust spots. But I seldom go beyond f/11.
  14. Another idea is to put those images in a lightbox, f. e. "partially finished".
  15. I start this thread, because the old forum isn´t searchable any longer. The most important question for anybody who wants to become an Alamy contributor is probably: "How do I pass QC with my first 4 images?" I think, the most common answer to this question is: "Take a camera, which is on Alamy´s positive list and a prime lens, put it on a tripod, and take pictures of a brick wall, a newspaper page, a coin, and your computer screen!" Sure, with this "safe-approach" you will get accepted. But is this really target-aimed? I took a different approach, when I started one year ago.
  16. Hello Sung, I haven´t found a 100% perfect solution, but there is a plugin, which comes pretty close: Alamy Picture Manager. Its not for free, but its worth it´s price. Colin
  17. Hi Wim, not yet, but I´ll stay alert! Alamy wrote me back, that they´ll be back with more information on this. @ Alamy: Thanks for the quick reply! Colin
  18. Like Andy Holmes, I uploaded 4 borderline images. Only on your first submission you can be sure, that all 4 images get checked carefully, and a rejection does not harm your Alamy rank. Fortunately, my first submission passed QC, and gave me a good idea, what is acceptable. The more I upload, the more selective I become, what is acceptable for me to submit. This makes me sleep better while awaiting QC.
  19. Thank you for your replies! @Wim: I´ve tried everything you suggested before, and, as Pearl says, the time of the day doesn´t matter. Also, my portfolio is smaller than yours. I think, I´ll wait one more day, hoping for the self-healing powers of the internet, and contact MS tomorrow. Colin
  20. Hello, Since several days, I am not able to open my pseudonym in "Pseudonym Summary" in AlamyMeasures. When trying to open the page, I get the following message: Runtime ErrorDescription: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine. Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customEr
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