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  1. I want to bring this topic up again, because I´m really unhappy with this, too. I´ve tried a workaround with a simple link to the page you get, when clicking on your name under an image. But then, a search in the search field returns not only yours, but all Alamy images with this keyword. Not good!


    Is it really that complicated to give the customer the possibility to chose the number of thumbnails he wants to see, e.g. up to 120, like on the other pages? I have about 1400 pictures at Alamy, only. But this small number means a customer has to go through 96 pages!


    Alamy do us this favour, please!


    Colin Utz 

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  2. I think the cost would be prohibitive. And what happens if the QC service says a batch is fine and Alamy fails it anyway? Two different people looking at the same image = two different opinions.

    Exactly. Everybody who offers a service like this, has to state in their terms of use. "Because I am not the Alamy reviewer who is checking your batch, I can´t give ANY guarantee if my judgement is right!" And that would make it wothless.




    To avoid sharpening the sky, for example, I use "Masking" (press "alt" or "opt" key, to see exactly where sharpening is applied)



    A good tip from Colin,  i tried this at a masking setting of 30, it certainly takes away some of that textured noise look,  not sure how far masking can be pushed before degrading the image though.


    Thanks for your tip Colin!





    You can push it as far as you like. It is not degrading the image, it only limits the areas, where sharpening is applied. If you want to sharpen edges only, you can do that, if you like.

  4. According to this recent Alamy blog, I don't think it is very much appreciated to add your website addres(ses) in the keywords. Alamy's business is selling your work, not promoting it and pushing clients directly in your arms.

    Just my two cents.





    After checking my keywords, I found out, that 1/3 of my images contain my name and website in the comprehensive field. This happened automatically, because I have it in my metadata presets. I didn´t pay attention to this, because it showed up in the comprehensive field, only.


    This time, I was really happy, that I use the Alamy Picture Manager (Lightroom plugin). It was a matter of a minute to delete my name and website, and to upload the corrected versions.

  5. All this extreme nitpicking and scaring each other made me decide to shrink all my pictures into maximum 12 megapixel images from now on. Just to be on the safe side. Why the hell did I buy a 20 MP camera for ....???? Yeah, why?

    I'm sick and tired of risking whole batches to fail because some guy might perhaps notice a purple pixel peeping from behind a tree trunk in a forest, photographed at 100 hundred meters away :wacko:


    Quality control should be strict and severe. I totally agree. After all, we're delivering pictures for the professional market. But there are limits. Don't exaggerate! How do these QC people look at pictures in magazines? With microscopes? How do they look at paintings in a museum? With binoculars? Could we please keep both feet on the ground and keep a minimum sense of reality? It's becoming ridiculous lately what I read what people do out of fear of being sent to the "sin bin".

    What I experience here, lately, I don't experience anywhere else! And I submit to quite a few agencies. Better take a closer look at blue grass and green skies because those seem to pass with flying colours.




    I totally agree!

  6. Hi Paul,


    after so many failed submissions, you are most probably on the "black list". Whenever a batch from you comming in, all QC monitors become red, and every image gets checked pixel by pixel. A vicious circle, you have to escape. I can imagine, that´s easier said, than done.


    I would start to submit flat, non moving objects (road signs, house fronts, ...), in small batches. Hopefully, sooner or later, the red alert changes to orange, and then to green again. 



  7. I´ve upgraded from Win 8 (64) to Win 8.1 (64). Since then, I have a very annoying problem: whenever I wake up my Laptop from standby (f.e. after closing and opening the display), my color profil is lost. This happens also on my attached second monitor. To get the the right profil back, I have to reload the profil, or restart the computer. I haven´t found anything, what solves this problem, yet, only a workaround, which makes it a little easier. Very annoying!


    Has anyone the same problem?

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