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  1. I want to bring this topic up again, because I´m really unhappy with this, too. I´ve tried a workaround with a simple link to the page you get, when clicking on your name under an image. But then, a search in the search field returns not only yours, but all Alamy images with this keyword. Not good! Is it really that complicated to give the customer the possibility to chose the number of thumbnails he wants to see, e.g. up to 120, like on the other pages? I have about 1400 pictures at Alamy, only. But this small number means a customer has to go through 96 pages! Alamy do us this favour
  2. If you want to support the German economy - Leica, of course!
  3. I crop sometimes to clean the edges, but that´s it. I think, the less you fiddle around with your original files, the less is the chance to make a mistake in some state of the process. If my original file looks not sharp enough, I don´t upload it.
  4. Exactly. Everybody who offers a service like this, has to state in their terms of use. "Because I am not the Alamy reviewer who is checking your batch, I can´t give ANY guarantee if my judgement is right!" And that would make it wothless.
  5. A good tip from Colin, i tried this at a masking setting of 30, it certainly takes away some of that textured noise look, not sure how far masking can be pushed before degrading the image though. Thanks for your tip Colin! Paul. You can push it as far as you like. It is not degrading the image, it only limits the areas, where sharpening is applied. If you want to sharpen edges only, you can do that, if you like.
  6. To avoid sharpening the sky, for example, I use "Masking" (press "alt" or "opt" key, to see exactly where sharpening is applied).
  7. If you use Lightroom, a rather small investment can make your life a little easier: Alamy Picture Manager
  8. To delete an image from a collection totally, press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Backspace (Mac: Cmd + Opt + Shift + Del).
  9. The caption in news images is generated by Alamy. There should be no reason to change it.
  10. After checking my keywords, I found out, that 1/3 of my images contain my name and website in the comprehensive field. This happened automatically, because I have it in my metadata presets. I didn´t pay attention to this, because it showed up in the comprehensive field, only. This time, I was really happy, that I use the Alamy Picture Manager (Lightroom plugin). It was a matter of a minute to delete my name and website, and to upload the corrected versions.
  11. Although the plug-in is not perfect, it works for me. The smart-collections alone, are worth its price.
  12. If you stop uploading, while waiting for QC, you are wasting time. If your batch passes, now you have to wait again, until your next upload passes. If your batch fails, simply upload the "good" images again.
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