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  1. Thank you for that. Good idea about speaking to the adult in charge of each group - the children are in groups, usually school ones.
  2. I am wondering about submitting photos with children in them. The Lanimer festival in Lanark has a procession on the Thursday which is made up mainly of children in colourful costumes. Unusually for Alamy, I seem to have Lanimers all to myself. So far, I have mainly uploaded photos of the adult participants but would like to include some of the children too. However, I have read that some children belong to families who have been re-housed to get them away from violent family members who may spot their child and come looking for them or their mother, and that we should bear this in mind when
  3. Thanks for all the advice. Sorry I haven't replied sooner.
  4. I am wondering if it is necessary to upsize images so they are 300 dots per square inch. When I process raw files in Photoshop Elements then open the image in the main window, the image size indicates 240 dpi. I've been upsizing to 300 dpi for Alamy, and this makes for large files. There has recently been discussion on the size of files to send, with people recommending large files be downsized to 24mb. Mine are already over that size it 240dpi. It seems daft to upsize to 300 dpi then downsize the file. Can I just leave it at 240dpi?
  5. I like the look of the new Panasonic Lumix FZ200 bridge camera and see that, unlike most Panasonic Lumx FZs, it is not on Alamy's No No list. Does that mean pictures from it would be acceptable? Or have they just not got round to adding it?I don't have one yet - I do have a Lumix FZ18 which I think is a great wee camea but I can't use it fo Alamy submissions. Pity.
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