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  1. What do you think about this: http://www.alamy.com/Blog/ Tina
  2. I will say that I have done a lot of work for non-profit charities for fund-raising projects. In that case, it is almost always better to have eye contact in the photo with the person (a child or elderly person) who will benefit from the funds raised. Raises the level of guilt and amount of funds! Tina
  3. I prefer to be a "fly on the wall" and document whatever is going on as if I were not there. I spend weeks staying with families so they get used to my taking photos and forget that I am there. I am good at being invisible ;-) That is my goal. Strictly for editorial use, though. Tina
  4. Yes, I contacted Member Services. It's a mistake and they immediately sent me a pdf with the payment for June. Tina
  5. Best month in a long time with loads of $180 textbook sales. Average sales for the month over $150 each. I'm glad prices are going up! Tina
  6. I agree with most of what has been said. Truly outstanding images do not sell as stock. Keep those for your Fine Art submissions. Truly ordinary images of released people and property showing every day life sell as stock. I've sold many more images of things you see every day and never think of photographing than I have of exotic locations and dramatic landscapes. Just look at what is used in newspapers, magazines, textbooks and the web. All of the new contributors with digital cameras that do everything never think of taking photos of ordinary things. They want to have the next Nationa
  7. You can do a Capture Sharpen with the Pixel Genius sharpeners (possibly others, too, but that's the one I like) that takes into account the fact that you are working with film. It's not Output Sharpening and only compensates for the capture method. Works for me. Tina
  8. Thanks, Ken. It has never sold on Alamy, but I have sold quite a few large prints of this one. Tina
  9. Thanks, Ken. It hasn't sold through Alamy, but I have sold several prints and licenses through other stock agencies. My people photos from Africa seem to sell better through Alamy than the animal ones. Maybe too much competition! Tina
  10. Yes. It came up with lots of horizon/sky/field photos but no rhinoceros or rainbow! Thanks anyway! Tina http://tina-manley.artistwebsites.com
  11. I just had this lease for a magazine cover for very limited circulation magazine in the UK: Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editorial Media: Magazine - Print only Print run: up to 25,000 Placement: Front cover Image Size: 1 page Start: 22 March 2013 End: 22 June 2013 Flip-Book Digital Online Version Included, Distribution:UK – and Small Worldwide Distribution, Quarterly If anybody has any idea what magazine this could be, I would appreciate knowing. The photo is: Thanks, Tina
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