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  1. Thank you! But does that mean, when I cancel my contract - let’s say on the last day before the new contract starts - the next 45 days the selling runs under the old conditions or the new?
  2. Yes, Thank you! But what about the delay in taking off the pictures? Regulary, when you end the contract on your side, Alamy has 45 days to take down the pictures. If you dont cancel but delete pictures, they will stay for 180 days. What if the contract is changed by alamy? I dont want to accept the changes. So we dont have a contract? So the pictures have to be taken down immediatly (thats how it goes in germany - I dont know how that works here)
  3. Hi there! just a short question: I‘m from Germany. Here, if someone makes changes to a contract, and the other side don’t agree, they can leave the contract. Is this the same in England? And: Does it mean if I don’t agree and cancel the contract the 45 days (or 180) of having the images on the Shop is canceled too? Or will they stay in the shop with the old conditions? What do you think? (please excuse my poor English)
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