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  1. Found 30-Mar-14 www.cntraveler.com Irish Pubs in other countries (in honour of St Patrick's Day) AA0WJ8 - Cols Travel - Montreal, Canada AK18D0 - Eric James - Madrid, Spain BREY0B - P E Forsberg - St Petersburg, Russia A17J1R - BonkersAboutChina - Ningbo, China D29D4W - Peter Alexander - Istanbul, Turkey B3J633 - Chris Cameron - Dominican Republic C1HGYT - Krys Bailey - Ushuaia, Argentina (one of mine)
  2. I suppose being in the top 500 based on 30,000 photographers and 600 agencies isn't so bad. I was quite chuffed to get the email - I needed cheering up!
  3. Bad! Had an average number of sales but low low prices... - except for one photo I have now sold 16 times on Alamy alone!!! - maybe I should ditch all the rest!
  4. Telegraph Online Travel Section 14 February 2014 A01N3K - Guanaco on Hillside, Torres del Paine, Chile - Martin Harvey B5WXHW - Island of Cactus, Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia - Alex Bramwell AWTJME - Wild Horses, Mt Fitzroy, Argentina - Galen Rowell/Mountain Light D2R180 - Carnival parade at the Samodrome, Rio, Brazil - Yadid Levy BDK4T8 - Machu Picchu, Peru - Keren Su/China Span AWKM9W - Rainforest river aerial view, Amazon, Peru - Amazon-Images ARRCAY - Reed Boat, Lake Titicaca, Peru - Jim Zuckerman AMRXDE - Pantheon of the National Heroes, Asuncion, Paraguay - Guenter Fischer BFXMTE
  5. I know that I'm sticking my head up above the burrow and am probably going to get shot down, but as a pro snapper who hasn't entered any competitions for years, for the reasons you've all stated above, I just fancied a bit of fun and have (gasp! ) contributed a couple of images to Photocrowd (although I know I'm nowhere near winning anything with this Circles theme). I feel quite wicked doing such a "rash" thing, because like you guys, I have actually won some good prizes in the past but decided I didn't want to risk my photos going global without my say so. However, I have sorely missed the
  6. Yup, I'm aware of the "Have you ever been refused insurance?" question popping up in future. Mind you, I've been refused insurance by some insurers on my daily or work car because it is left hand drive! Rock on Sheila's Wheels!
  7. I thought it was a bit weird and its the first time it has happened to me I must admit. Fortunately Footman James are still happy to ensure me and my beloved Classic wheels despite my notorious profession!
  8. I've just been turned down getting a quote from a Classic Car insurance provider because I'm a photographer - and I wouldn't even be using this car for my work! Fortunately I have existing insurance for said vehicle and for my other work car, but I find it very strange that some people's perceptions are that all or most photographers are paparazzi! No matter how it was explained to the underwriters that I am not out chasing celebs, they would not budge. Anyone else had a similar, rather baffling experience like this?
  9. I too have at least 3 unpaid sales to Brazil dating back to June 2012 (probably more since I have many shots pertinent to South America). Would it be cheeky to suggest that, bearing in mind the amount of commission we pay to Alamy these days, that in these circumstances they should pay us what is owing to us regardless of whether their Brazilian distributor coughs up or not? Just wishful thinking, or really a fair thing to do...........?
  10. 15 sales, 4 around the $170/180 mark which was a pleasant surprise. Don't seem to get many of these nowadays.....
  11. Mail Online 17 October 2013 Love buzz: bees most attracted to lavender and marjoram, study finds Ian Campbell D4JADF Bee on Lavender Krys Bailey BFFHKK Painted Lady Butterfly on Erysimum Flower
  12. Thanks for starting this thread, Kumar. It is a reminder to all of us not to get too complacent when one's passed QC regularly for a long while. Hope you don't have to wait too long for your next batch to get QCd!
  13. I think the top photo is Bladder Campion (silene vulgaris), and the middle flower some sort of wild Scabious. I understand your problem. I'm just back from the northern Italian Alps and Dolomites and have spent hours identifying the wildflowers I shot.
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