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  1. I agree Maria - I'm reluctant to let my CR2s go completely. As a side issue, I just managed to revive one corrupt CR2 file. Although the file would not open in DPP and showed up as corrupt in Bridge, the Windows 7 browser thumbnail looked OK so I opened it from there directly into Irfanview and it looked fine and I was able to save it as a fine looking TIF!!! Maybe it was just a miracle (as it is I've already published this same image on Alamy et al..... before it decided to get corrupted)
  2. Cheers Jason. I've noticed that my CR2 files only corrupt AFTER I have moved them to an external hard drive. Maybe DNGs are more robust, like TIFs and JPGs, with which (paws crossed) I have never had a corruption problem.
  3. Great pic Bill and thanks for your input. I've now downloaded the DNG converter software so if I decide to go ahead, it should only take 10 years to convert all my CR2 files............. .....
  4. CarlssonInc, have you ever had file corruption when using DNG files? I have suffered from some CR2 files corrupting after months or years of appearing to be OK.
  5. Thanks for your input, Carlssonlnc, that is good to hear.
  6. Do any of you snappers covert your RAW files to DNG and how have you been getting on with it? I've been getting the odd CR2 file corrupting years or months after being saved to a hard drive and I believe DNG format may help prevent this as well as being more future proof and more compact (the .xmp data is stored in the .dng file and not as a separate file). Here is the article I read: http://photographyconcentrate.com/should-you-covert-dng/
  7. Do travel guides count as magazines? What about IQ sales?
  8. Many thanks Stokie. I wasn't aware the usage info was on that report as it doesn't show up on the screen view! You're a star!
  9. Thanks John. I was hoping to get the other sales sheet with details of what the sales were for...
  10. I thought I knew how do download a csv file of my sales sheet, but I can't seem to find any widget! Can anyone please advise???
  11. Silly question probably, but if I provide the 3 ISBN numbers for mags and 3 for books, do I need to submit an Alamy report? Most of my traceable mag and book sales have been through Photographers Direct.
  12. 16 sales of Volcano Osorno, Chile - all on Alamy and all for travel brochures. I'd show you a pic but can't get the widget to work!
  13. Thanks LosDemas. I seem to be having trouble with getting this forum to work let alone other things! Duh!
  14. www.media.climate.net Obj 5 - Neighbourhood Planning v0.6 CR logo.ppt (PowerPoint presentation) You probably need to do a Google search to access this. I'm having trouble finding the images on Alamy but these are the photographers and subjects: Mark Waugh - Woman with umbrella in pouring rain Gary Telford - Wave crashing over promenade Jeffrey Blackler - Hoarding in what looks like London Underground subway Peter D Noyce - Windows (probably solar) with church in backgound Krys Bailey - Wetlands at Arundel (mine)
  15. After downloading from the flashcard and doing several passes removing the rubbish, I do hoard the rest of the RAW files. I'm trying to be more ruthless when I know I already have a lot of one subject, and when revisiting the photos looking for new stuff to publish, I do delete the rubbish. The only exception are precious photos captured in exotic locations (like Antarctica, Chile, Peru) and then even the rubbish remains as a sort of souvenir! Disk drive manufacturers must love me!
  16. I thought once an image has sold under one licence, e.g. RF, then that licence couldn't be changed to RM.
  17. Thank you PatrioticAlien (cool name!). I think I'll just leave the licences the same for both.
  18. Probably a daft question, but can 2 images created from the same RAW file origin but given different post processing be licenced differently, i.e. one RM and one RF? I've "redone" some of my images, some which have already been sold, so I don't want to delete the old versions off Alamy, but I may want to post the new versions as a different licence type. I know it is technically possible to select a different licence, but is it ethical?
  19. I put some stuff up on Photo4Me a few years back with no success. I think people buying from that site are mainly looking for British Landscape images which I don't do. I left, but still get the occasional nuisance email from them.
  20. I joined RedBubble several years ago, really just to socialise with other snappers, so the occasional sales I make there are a bonus. Most of my product sales are done through Zazzle, although that can be quite time consuming.
  21. I joined FAA last week and sold a photo within 3 days so I've already covered my annual fee. No more sales since, but I live in hope. Its a fun site with lots of groups and contests (makes a break from keywording all day)
  22. 21 sales total with the highest sale grossing $450. Best month since September 2011! I'm off to the Ferrari showroom.................. (I wish!)
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