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  1. Maybe we don't need to fix ALL errors, not in a hurry anyway. I've found errors in images which appear in the first row of a search and in the "creative" selections (maybe "creative" means creative with keywords!). Getting these fixed would be a good start as these are the photos most customers will see first.
  2. From what I saw today, the erroneously keyworded images appear at the top along with all the others. How could they not??? Not terribly professional...........
  3. Oooh.... so it's competitiveness versus not ticking off the customers then? You're all so mean and ruthless..............
  4. Sending a message direct to the photographer would be time-intensive and probably won't always get the desired result. I get the feeling that a few contributors don't care too much if the caption is accurate and need a kick in the right direction from someone with more clout than a fellow snapper.... (not to mention spammers and people who copy their keywords wholesale from other photographers). Like most of us who want to sell photos, I work very hard to get my search info correct and therefore am well-placed to help fix other people's errors, but PMs don't seem to right way to go for me.
  5. Policing pix might not be in your job description, and I don't expect anyone to go out of their way to do that, but surely if you stumble across a picture which you know is wrongly captioned, it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience to flag up a correction, would it??? At least it would be nice to have the option... AND, as pointed out by Cryptoprocta, it would give us an opportunity to rid Alamy of the spammers.
  6. Is it just me or do other people get wound up when they spot a photo with the wrong identification attached (usually animals in my case)? Surely this can't look good to Alamy's customers who may think us a right bunch of thickos for not being able to tell the difference between a swan and a goose, for example. I know mistakes will happen - I've been responsible for a few which I have tried to correct when aware of them and would welcome all the help I can get from fellow contributors - but is there any easy way for us to flag up these errors so that the photographer responsible can correct t
  7. I added new sales for 2014 but the amount I received was slightly down. Don't understand why - perhaps it's something to do with a new interpretation about Worldwide Usage. But heck, it's still a welcome boost to the earnings! Thanks DACS!
  8. A good start, followed by a refund and then the rest of November went downhill with only a few, low fee sales. I earned over twice as much on Zazzle in November! Guess where I'll be putting my efforts for the next few weeks!
  9. BBC Website 15-Jun-15 Article: Do butterflies hold the answers to life's mysteries? B15B6B Jan Van Huysum painting "Fruits, Flowers and Insects"- INTERFOTO (Alamy credit only)
  10. Er.... maybe "glut" was the wrong word to use.... the 4 sales I had on Friday must have deranged my sense of reality
  11. Does anyone else find they get a glut of sales at the end of a month? Is there an accounting reason why this happens?
  12. Wim Thanks for taking the time and trouble to get to the root of the mystery! I've always wanted my name linked to some exotic flower or animal!!! Have a great weekend! Marmot
  13. I did consider whether someone is copying my keywords, but I don't think this is the case as the images containing my name are different subject matter from mine. I also only add my name at the very end of the keywords and this isn't the case. JGF - I'm not sure you will see your photos looking for pseudonym only - I always enter my name in the keywords section too. It's a mystery.......................
  14. If you're finding that weird - I can do one better. For some reason, my name "Krys Bailey" is appearing in the keywords of some photographers' images which have nothing to do with me! Seems Alamy are suffering from an "undocumented feature" at the moment (aka "bug"!)
  15. Daily Telegraph online - 05 April 2015 - England's Prettiest Villages BBHHDD Holmes Garden Photos - Burnham Market, Norfolk D96YTK Chris Loftey - Blockley, Cotswolds C3G5JE Ashley Cooper pics - Hutton-le-Hole, North Yorks B2RK4E Jeremey Willcocks - Lustleigh, Devon All Alamy credit only
  16. 13 sales, most pretty small but boosted by one sale of $175 and another of a whopping $375!!! Haven't had a sale that big since the age of the dinosaurs...... ) More please.........
  17. The Telegraph 01 April 2015 - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening (How to grow Agapanthus section) CTY5H8 - Tim Gainey (Alamy credit only) Agapanthus Northern Star The Telegraph seems to be full of new Alamy contributors' photos every day so is worth keeping an eye on.
  18. The Telegraph 01 April 2015 - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening (Flowers that look like something else section) B0CDA2 - Shisanu Tongchim/Alamy - Parrot Flower AP4TTC - Danita Delimont/Alamy - Monkey Orchid BA97ND - Johner Images/Alamy - Darwin's Slipper Flower ??? - Perry van Munster/Alamy - Naked Man Orchid BGGBEX - Malcolm Schuyl/Alamy - White Egret Orchid AEANBM - Krys Bailey/Alamy - Moth Orchid (one of mine and a nice surprise to find it amongst all the rest here! ) E7CM4H - Humberto Olarte Cupas - Holy Spirit/Dove Orchid BGNG9F - O.D. vande Veer/Alamy - Hooker's Lips Orchid
  19. The Telegraph 31 March 2015 - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening BTGG9X - Hedgehog - Krys Bailey/Alamy (one of mine) BHWHTB - Spanish Slug - Imagebroker (Alamy credit only) ??? - Fern Dryopteris filis-max - CHROMEORANGE/Lothar Hinz/Alamy ??? - Chilean Glory Flower - John Glover/Alamy B90BDM - Chilean Glory Flower - REDA & Co srl (Alamy credit only) C76X7A - Pelican in St James Park - Stever Vider/Alamy EFFDHF - St Just, Roseland, Cornwall - David Chapman/Alamy AK24RC - Trewithan, Cornwall - David Chapman/Alamy D035NW - Aerial View of Maze, Glendurgan Gardens - Richard Cooke/A
  20. Telegraph Online Travel 11 March 2015 New Forest is Britain's most underrated National Park DHKAPC - New Forest Pig - Ian Jones - Alamy credit only E1832M - Hythe Pier at Sunset - Oliver Paget - Alamy credit only Picture of Swan Green in the Autumn - can't find the image, sorry
  21. I wondered why my business account was looking so good today! Just got £345 from DACS paid in yesterday! That is awesome. Glad I filled in the form all on my ownsome!!!
  22. Yup, I'm honoured yet again! Dare I say heaven help how the non-Top 500 are doing?????!!!! I have to say though that it makes a pleasant change from when I was in a "proper job" and I never got any praise or promotions.......................
  23. You're all making me feel guilty since I don't use a blower ............ However, I did get told off by security for taking pics in Terminal 5 at Heathrow back in 2011.... and they didn't even ask the obvious question "Excuse me Madam, are you a terrorist?!
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