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    13 hours ago, regen said:

     That was then when gardening pics made 50 dollars plus now Alamy give 5year licences,any size ,anywhere to the UK gardening press for about 8 dollars.-complete waste of time!



    I totally agree - and don't get me started on the National Newspapers selling millions of copies.


    I reckon that these "greener pastures" are myth.  Besides, many of us have spent several years and hundreds of hours building our portfolios on Alamy.  So that, combined with all the extra time and work it would take IF we could find another library to post to leaves us with few, if any options.  Alamy know this and are taking advantage.


    So here we are today.  The "exclusive" gang are all smiles, but what about the rest of us?  We haven't yet reached a happy solution! :wacko:  Seems like many of you have lost the plot.......

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  2. 17 minutes ago, Skyscraperfan said:

    Yes, you could be right in that regard. Alamy showed a Donald Trump style negotiation tactic: Threaten more than you really want and when you take back a part of that thread, the other side sees that as a success, although you exactly what you want.

    However it could also be that Alamy really thought we would accept those 40%.


    Could be! 


    However, just for the record and for new Alamy contributors, I should mention that when I joined Alamy back in 2006, the commission to me was 60% and then later on they took it down to 50% and promised not to reduce it any further.  Now the commission set to go down to 40% with a rather uncertain mumbling of not reducing it further.  If that doesn't annoy or worry you - maybe you should see if you still have a pulse........... ;)

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  3. On 03/11/2018 at 00:37, TABan said:

    It's almost definitely a juvenile Buteo. As to which one, hard to say. But it's not Falco. The beak isn't toothed. BTW, did you know that DNA studies have shown hawks and falcons to be only distantly related? Falcons are more closely related to parrots.


    Edit: I take that Buteo thing back. Have a look at this juvenile goshawk: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/londonbirders/images/5/51/Juvenile_Goshawk.JPG/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/1280?cb=20110825102224

    Yes I agree it seems to be a Buteo.  Interestingly,  your link to a juvenile goshawk shows a bird very much like one I snapped at the Raptor centre.  The youngsters don't look anything like adult goshawks.   I thought it might be a female if not a juvenile.




  4. Quote



    54 minutes ago, Joseph Clemson said:

    This is a non-expert contribution, but comparing the list of birds on their website with your picture, I'd be inclined to have a look at Swainson's Hawk as a possible candidate. 


    Thank you for the info Joseph, I think you may be right.  There were other Swainson's Hawks at the falconry which have a slightly different appearance from this guy, but that could be why I didn't snap the ID plaque again when I saw this critter.  Thanks also for pointing me to a useful bird website.


    38 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

    I'm sure the place will identify it for you.

    Especially if you give them the ring number which appears so prominently!

    That is also a great idea spacecadet.  Thanks.

    Thanks everyone for your input - much appreciated.  Hope I can return the favour some day. ;)

  5. As lovely as your photos are, 135 images isn't many in the big sea of pushing 100 million on Alamy now.  Also you captions may be cute, but they are not at all descriptive in many cases.  For travel photos, I always specify what the subject is and where it is.  I think I had over 1000 photos posted with Alamy before I made my first sale. 


    In my 14 years as a pro-snapper, I have also never done and never will do microstock so if I have that special image, the buyer has to come to Alamy or another similar site to get it. :D


    Keep posting images and good luck! ;):);)

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