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  1. Again, as long as the tracking system is reliable, I will accept what the market decides. Maybe I'm not worth more than 1 sale per year after all. I just don't want to worry about tracking, which is the duty of the platform. That's all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and info with me. Now I know better.
  2. Please consider that every publisher on each platform is potentially competing with all the other contributors. I'm sure that the buyers know better which pictures are more suitable for their needs and they have the final word in the end. So claiming that I might be competing with you is just like common sense. If we propose the same material, of course, the customer will have to select one of us. There is nothing wrong with that. Then competing with myself, maybe. I just guess that the customers who make business with Alamy have good reasons to do so, and might not make business with oth
  3. Sorry for telling my truth, but I spent hours and hours and hours on my personal free time editing, uploading and tagging all my pics one by one to build my Alamy portfolio. The "like it or leave it" is just irrelevant because my investment in time and energy is so huge that I cannot imagine it's worth 36 $. I make more every hour in my regular job, so what's the point ? Before sharing my questions and thoughts here, I just even didn't know what is a microstock ! And nothing about all those economic and publication models that you are talking about. I'm not a professional, just a sunday p
  4. Hey all, Just to give you figures, my portfolio on the other platform contains around twice as many as in Alamy's. And so far I sold more than 700 pics ! My average sale / view ratio is between 25 and 30 %, and up to 100 % for some nice pictures, which I guess is very good knowing that it's just a hobby for me as a frequent traveler. Here in Alamy is just 1 picture sold (though over a 1-year-shorter period than the other platform). And maybe 2 when the second will finally end up in my dashboard more than 7 months after it was reported in that forum. Of course, the benefit
  5. Hey "geogphotos" That sounds great, I will have a look for sure, and maybe try it with a few pictures first to see the results. 72426 images ? Wow that's an investment ! Hope there is a good return. Thanks. Iacob
  6. Hi Jill, Thanks for your reply. The main problem is that (some/most) publishers don't always mention the name of the photographer, and sometimes they even don't mention the platform where the picture was bought from. So there is a big potential for not tracking your own work on the internet with this method. Else, you have to push your own images one by one on Google Image and see if they appear in the results. But who would do that with more than a few tens of pictures in their portfolio ? It would take hours and hours every month. I'm also selling my pics
  7. Hello, I found this forum while looking randomly for some of my pictures on the internet. The forum shows that one of my pics identified by its ID code was sold in September 2020 with my name and the website where it was published. Yet, my personal dashboard did not track that sale more than 6 months later. So it seems that some people manage to track all sales by Alamy every month, and I'm just wondering how you make it. Can somebody explain please ? And help me find my own sales and the websites where I was published ? Many thanks. Iacob
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