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  1. I am exclusive not on pond5 with my videos and follow the partnership, which includes the one, which doesn´t accept editorials. I still think, that is the best choice of all and even the easiest because just upload one time. But to try out the other options, we should be open for new ways. But as mentioned, I would only make a test run with a few videos of them - and of course if approved there, I have directly to delete them on p5. (I do not think, I will open another portfolio on p5, which is possible for exclusive and the other one non exclusive.) Because my videos are exclusive
  2. Thank you Joseph for your reply. At least I did this with my video prices on p5: All similar to Alamy prices. But to be honest: Your range advise is more interesting for me, if it also works. So i could set them not to high. BUT: The customer might be confused seeing different prices for nearly similar videos now on p5, because I have chosen only a few from one batch (for example many videos at one place: 3 I changed, 10 or 15 I kept the low price. Because the difference on quality is not big, they just can buy the cheaper ones on p5 and same time i might get the selected t
  3. To use your way to find out, how many of our videos got transferred. we need to find ONE transferred video from us and work from that video as mentioned above, right? I couldn´t find any of my videos - well, beginner videos! But for a while I set the prices as low as possible to get a start for sales. Now I am curious to select some similar videos, take the best of them or only one and set the price as found out here to see, if they will get transferred or not.
  4. Well, after the focus in this thread went to many other themes, mainly smartphone images, I think I can ask here about something else, which is a little bit closer to the original thread theme: I just uploaded 8 images, which I think have themselves - without edit anything - already good quality to pass the QC. but I also uploaded a edit version from them. I increase only little bit contrast, saturation and scrolled down the highlight. All only little bit. In my opinion, the images looking better now. Any advice about editing images? What is okay, what I should not do. All of course only
  5. Yes, Paulette, you are right. I just checked my approved images. There are indeed many smartphone images approved. (If I am not wrong: One time only smartphone images. - We all are not free from failure.) No wonder that I thought my new smartphone is accepted. Well, however. I think the best is: I will report them myself to Alamy and let Alamy decide, what to do with them. Should be deleted. No problem! From now on I really do not want to make that kind for basic failures again. Thx again to all for your help.
  6. Thanks to all of you for your advices. Well, I thought I mentioned it before that I got it it was MY FAULT. Yes, I guess NOW I have a good idea, what kind of images I can submit. And yes of course no phone images anymore! So, all your advices are great and right, but I realize them already myself - maybe I was not clear enough writing it here - sorry English is not my first language. But my questions here were not really answered yet. Only one advice: small batches now for a maybe long time and see what is going. I guess then maybe in the future I could increa
  7. My history in short: Very first upload: Samsung S4 images got rejected with the reason of not suitable camera. Beside that all Canon EOS 70d passed. Then a very long times all passed because I only uploaded images from the Canon. Then I bought a new smartphone Samsung A50s. I love it, because the results from the images are great! Especially if I use the wide lens. I uploaded a mix of Canon and A50s images and they got passed. Then I stopped uploading a few month because I was thinking about uploading strategies of better and not so good images and to which agencies first.
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