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  1. Abiyoyo, welcome to the forum I opted out of novel-use from the beginning, for me the pricing on this scheme is so low its simply not worth considering.
  2. Thanks for the clarification Alamy Perhaps a good idea to drop the word sublicense from the agreement altogether.
  3. I also think this clause should cease. As I understand it this image may now be sub-licensed and I will see no additional licensing fee, if so, thats crazy. The image in question is a regular seller and should / would of continued to earn revenue for years to come, though I now suspect sales will nose-dive for worldwide book publications. I will contact Alamy for additional clarification on this clause, I'd rather sacrifice this sale than agree to a sublicense clause.
  4. Hi, I Just had a sale pop-up today and I was wondering if anybody had experienced a similar type sales term for rights managed images (see below). Rights granted include usage in all formats (including electronic format) of Travel Guides, in whole or in part, and right to sublicense such rights to third parties worldwide provided this falls within the agreed print run. Duration 10 editions (provided the content change is less than 25% from the original edition). Re-use. I accept re-use as fairly common now-a-days on rights managed images for book publications, however, i'm concerned ab
  5. I Had a refund today of a royalty free image; sold for $160 and refunded the same day. When I had a refund on an image a couple of months ago I enquired as to the reason with Alamy Customer Services but I never received a reply from them.
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