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  1. Shouldn't need to be a member of a professional body. Not a free press if there's boundaries inplace to control the narrative. Any citizen should be able to do reportage in a public place.
  2. The haydays of photography were definately between the 1930s and including the 70s. 60s it probably exploded with the pop culture scene. Now people are saturated with images. Something that would be highend snobery almost, is now saturated with mobile phone trivialties. Bit like the consept of engaging with the process of purchasing and listening to vinyl records. Todays offerings don't have the same unique experiences. Photography is just a Mcds.
  3. Cheers Steve, I've never gone professional with my photography before. Yes I did all the professional qualifications in my youth, worked as a lab tech for 10 years. But never soild any photos in my time. Always met with people who wanted my talent for free because they could do it themselves for £3.50 at Boots (back in the day) and now everyone has a smart phone camera. So we're kind of fighting a loosing battle. Photography lost its exclusivity to the trade decades ago. I've read this forum and there's loads of people not even sold anything and its not down to the quality of work
  4. Hello, Stuart here from the UK, Not easy to get photos setup ready to sell and searchable. All tags completed, waiting for the magical server update to make them searchable. Whats the frequency of selling stock on here and what are people doing right on the promotion side to keep the sales up? Cheers Stuart
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