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  1. Chuck, I totally agree with you and Ed. Perhaps Alamy is not for me. Maybe I only need to deal with microstock. My pictures with people are really staged. Now I can only parse the archives. And there are photos of signs too. Unfortunately, not all of them are of good quality. There is no time to take pictures yet. The advice of the forum gurus and Alamy is very valuable. I hope everything will work out for me. Thank you all !!!!!!
  2. Wiskerke, thank you! Every time on the forum you can learn something new. Now I will try, following your instructions.
  3. Cecile Marion, thank you so much! Yes, I know the names of the parks. I'll fix everything and add tags
  4. Meanderingemu, thank you very much. I fixed everything.
  5. Thank you very much for such an interest in my portfolio and my person. It's really cool. I don't think anyone knows what kind of photo Alamy's client will buy. One can only guess. I study the portfolios of photographers who also receive money for their pleasant hobby. Of course, I also want it to be worth it. If I knew about Alamy a little earlier, when I was still in Paris. Now I live in Ukraine. I doubt that anyone is showing great interest in Ukraine or writing about it. Therefore, I have to look among my old pictures for what might fit Alamy. If I were in Paris now, I would loo
  6. Meanderingemu, thanks for the clarification. I understand that none of us have a crystal ball to see the future. But could you take a look at my last two graffiti pictures? Maybe I need to choose a different license or restrict the use of these photos? Or maybe they are not for Alami at all? I am just starting to work with Alami, so I want to know about future problems from the very beginning and not be wrong. (I do not speak English, and I really hope that the automatic translator translated everything correctly). Thanks in advance.
  7. Chris Burrows, it's a very interesting experience to try and shoot something new. This is a new vision. New experiment. I want to try. There are still few works in my portfolio that Alamy needs. But I'm going to be of service to them. I hope.
  8. dkhowe, allow me, please, to ask a question in your topic? Question also about editorial photo. Hope you find this helpful too. If I want to publish a photo that partially contains graffiti, will I have any problems later from the author of these graffiti, whom I do not know? Is it enough to just tag this photo as editorial? Houses, streets, cafes, restaurants, metro stations, street life - is all editorial? Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you, Ed Rooney! I will follow your advice. Unfortunately, now I'm no longer in Paris. But I have a lot of photos from France, where I worked for 5 years.
  10. Mr Standfast, yes, I'm realy enjoying my photography. Hope my photos will bring me some more money. 🙂
  11. TonyALC, yes, automatic translation is not always accurate. Thank you!
  12. Thank you Steve! Thank you MizBrown! Your advices are very important and valuable to me. I didn't think about much. I take pictures for microstocks, which is another matter. There is a big difference.
  13. Tony ALS, I don't really understand the reason for your irritation. I do not speak English. Perhaps the automatic translation was inaccurate in some way. I wrote about Photoshop because Steve assumed the sky in my photo was captured in Photoshop. I am very grateful to everyone for taking the time to look at my photos and rate them. This is really very cute. And I will definitely use all the tips. I'm just at the beginning of the journey. I need any advice. For example, Ed Rooney said to show the street life of Paris. Alamy needs releases for signs and stores, or will these photos be
  14. Thank you all for your replies, i will try to fix it. Unfortunately, I do not know how to work in Photoshop, so all my photos are more or less natural. Mostly I take pictures of food or flowers, but Alami is probably not interested in such photos. Keywords, description, don't look at the camera, street photography. Ok, I'll work on it. Thank you very much again!
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