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  1. Thanks - that's what I meant. Also thanks to those who supplied the email address. I shall await the updated contract before I decide... Kevin
  2. I've tried keeping up with this topic, but 75 pages is a lot. In short, Alamy have drafted an unfair and unenforceable contract: they (in a British Court) could not hold us accountable for mistakes/deliberate misuse by a third party when we have no control or even any contact with those parties. That said, I have no intention of putting it to the test. I make menial amounts from stock sales and certainly can't envisage going through the Courts to prove a point. I can't imagine that any insurer will cover photographers for the risk of other people misusing an image that
  3. http://kjbennett.co.uk/IMG_2740-1-running-grackle-EDIT-scaled.jpg You may be able to see the image on this link. If not, oh well!
  4. Hope you don't mind .... I think it's the highlights that need toning down. I spent 5 mins playing - from PS I opened it in the RAW filter - reduced contrast, lightened shadows, played with curves and added a vignette. I de-saturated cyan in PS. Not my best effort, but only 5 mins. The highlights in my edit are a bit grey and would need more work, but it's worth persisting, as the image is really a good and well timed capture. All the best Kevin
  5. There's a previous forum topic on this - And a website - https://www.ascrl.org/ Hope this helps. Kevin
  6. I had one sell for pennies last year and it was the 'novel use' thing, I opted out on 1st April - it's under the "Additional Revenue Options" Kevin
  7. If you're really strggling ... Print them out, place them face down, swirl them around and pick 8, blind. 🤯
  8. Looking at the page source, the header shows this email info@en.newvisiontours.com Could be a good start point
  9. Quality and relevance above quantity. I have very few with 50, many with 30ish
  10. What they said, plus the titles/captions need attention - e.g "Manhattan bridge New York iat night n winter " is full of typos (I retain my crown as king of the typo). many more keywords required. I usually check web pages and articles for appropriate words. The spellings of keywords need to be correct unless you are keywording with common mis-spellings intentionally - e.g. Manhattan, Manhatton, Manhatten Cheers Kevin
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