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  1. Thanks, I tried now to search for 5 keywords and it shows up. But I'm not happy with that because for example I have a salad pattern but I cannot find it if I just search "salad cartoon pattern vector", while instead in the New tab there are several of them. How do I get access to such visibility, then, in the same way those other "New" ones do, with those 4 keywords? I think it's unlikely a customer would go further with keywords... Same goes for the other images, how can I get the same visibility of the others in "New"? I don't think they're like curated contents because some in "New" l
  2. Oh! Thank you I had no idea, than that's why... Becuase I didn't specify any date, since it's a vector and I didn't know it was a "thing". I will try putting the date, thanks!
  3. My first images are there from October 16th, it says they're on sale since then. But they don't appear in search results. I searched with their "super tags" and Vector category, and clicked on the New tab to see the new content on the website but nothing so far... In "My Status" it says I've 1 image on sale with good discoverability and 2 on sale with poor discoverability, while 0 "not on sale". Do I need to do an extra-step to make the publishing effective? Or just, the first submission requires an inspection that will take several days, maybe? Just to be sure I did everything alrea
  4. Well your definition of hobby is for sure more correct than mine, but what I mean is a hobby as in "not a primary job", meaning, that I wouldn't do it for a living but submitting content only occasionally, but at the same time I'd expect to get a correct repayment that can be realistic per image in the long run, otherwise it would be a deal breaker for me. I think anyway getting around 3-4 $ per download of a vector image is fair and can repay in the long run, if images get sold enough and if microstock prices don't start to become the norm. To repay an image with 3-4 $ per download I should s
  5. Thanks! So that means even if they're becoming "more common", they're not yet "the norm" if you never experienced that. I hope it will stay like that... So thanks for your feedback. If I'll get around 3 $ per sale (if any) I think I'll find it fair. If so, in the long run I might cover the cost of the time, I guess. I'll maybe add other 20 later in the weeks and observe how frequently they sell during the year... Or should I add many more to see 1-5 sales in a year, in your opinion?
  6. Average fees look nice there (but with a bad trend I see, during the years) but how comes someone says they got 0.08 $? What is the option customers can get to purchase images for such price? I hope this is very rare... And no I never tried selling vectors before, so I don't know, but I thought Alamy respects artists because doesn't offer subscriptions. I come from 3D modeling so I sell models on Turbosquid. This will probably lead me to try selling 3D renders here as well, since they are photorealistic (by the way I wonder if I should put them into photography or illustration, I think
  7. Yeah but I see 9.99 also for photos, and here I've read people getting 0.something cents per photo instead... Not sure this is the norm or the exception because when I chosen Alamy I browsed also other stock websites and in -all- of them the earnings were very blurry to understand and misleading, and never totally specified, not even an "around" indication to mark the common earnings to expect. To then discover the real expectations were just some small cents because of subscriptions. For example, do customers buy your photos for 9.99 and you get around 3-4 $ per download, usually?
  8. I started today with some small enthusiasm, and I uploaded my first 3 vector images... An autumn pattern with mushrooms, a crazy cartoon salad, and a Halloween Pumpkin. I took around 5 h to make each of them but landing on the forum I'm reading very discouraging earnings here (that would take a big amount of sales to repay my time!) while I see 9,99 on the front website, so what does that mean? And I read people loosing their spark... I given the exclusivity of the images because I thought Alamy respects artists. Is the situation bad the same for vector art as well? How can I actuall
  9. Thanks a lot for these precious advices! I am definitely a scrupolous person, I'll chose my subjects carefully. :) And thanks for the plugin, I didn't know about its existence! And, yes, I wasn't asking much about my possible future here (that will entirely depend on myself, after knowing how it goes!), but I was asking indeed about the minimum earning per download we can face. You answered there are no subscription plans yet, but probably coming soon. So I will only look for these bulk deals... So thanks a lot, you replied to both of my questions! :) And of course I can't know ho
  10. I'm not a photographer, or, well, I have tools and skills in that sense but we'll see if they're sufficient for submitting photos here. My main focus will be vector illustrations and probably photorealistic renders (I'm mainly a 3D artist and I sell 3D models on Turbosquid). But I'll upload material only occasionally. In the past days I tried to subscribe to other stock websites and to read their earning rates etc. I've found a lot of confusion, shady information and not well working user's panels when it comes to submit something. While instead Alamy gives me a better sensation
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