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  1. I've had some success with this one which works in the browser rather than via a mobile app. https://identify.plantnet.org/ (Wintercress has popped up all over my garden this spring and as its flowers hadn't yet opened I couldn't spot it in my wildflower books, but this site got it straight away).
  2. Similar experience for me. I uploaded two small batches on 25th Feb, and they're still in QC. Also 2/3 stars, no failures yet. My handful of previous uploads went through a bit quicker than this. I'm still finding my feet with QC standards so I'm reluctant to upload too much at once - that first failure, when it comes, is likely to be a really useful benchmark.
  3. Thanks for this, and also to Harry Harrison for his insight. I'll take a look.
  4. What's your experience with colour management with these professional services? I've used one of the well-known UK consumer companies for mugs and calendars for xmas gifts, and though I had low expectations, I was still disappointed. Getting the colours "right" on a home printer can be a very difficult job - and I've spent many a miserable hour swearing profusely at my failures - but at least when it goes wrong, it's up to me to put it right, and my workflow is now rather more satisfactory. As for the all-in-one devices, I suspect they are OK for non-critical, non-prof
  5. I've got the Canon Pixma Pro-100. Very good, but the price of ink is crazy (as MDM warns, above) - c. £100 for a full set. Given that I'll sometimes go a few weeks or months between uses, I suspect that the tanks often dry out before they empty, meaning I'm not even getting full value for my money. Last time I (nervously) tried buying cheapo non-Canon ink, at £30 for a set. I made a few (colour) test prints, compared them to earlier Canon-ink prints, and couldn't tell the difference. More importantly, the printer didn't break!
  6. Hello all having just had my first couple of submissions accepted, I wanted to drop by and say thanks for all the help and advice which forum members provide. Before I submitted anything, I spent quite some time reading through advice on QC and tagging in particular. With regard to QC, I doubt I'd have got through the initial submission without the guidance provided here. It's quite an eye opener when you start looking at your own pictures through Alamy's eyes. Some are fine; some are easily salvageable (I 've always shot RAW so can go back through them and remove excess sh
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