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  1. Been on the site selling for around three years and slowly updating my images and got a little frustrated with not really getting much interest and not one sale and then all of a sudden 3 sales in a month. Now this is nothing to retire on or is it something to shout about but I'm totally surprised how this has happened. I really do need to take and upload a lot more images to give me a fighting chance of increasing sales but after this little spike in interest I think it has motivated me to jump back on board with taking and uploading. Is this common that you don't get any interest for a l
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm referring to specifically a Dog (Our dog) the only reason I posted the question is because I thought I'd refresh on the FAQ pages with rights and licenses etc. I have taken a number of pics of him but as mentioned I have selected No in the release sections of Attributes. I think I need to change that now then??
  3. Hi I have a number of images of my partners Dog up for sale I have selected 'NO' to the section that asks whether I have a property release for commercial use because I thought because its a dog it didn't need it. So with that in mind what should I have the images as seeing though it is technically our dog? Am I jeopardising sales by selecting NO where as I should be selecting YES. Does this make sense? Thanks
  4. Singularone thats partly why I asked the original question because some people say on a beach are that far away you can't see them
  5. I have a few 'beach' images that have people in them but the people are that small they are unrecognisable. When filling in the Attributes 'How many people are in the image' is it OK to put say more than 4 but then select 'No' for 'Do I have a model release'?
  6. So Spacecadet or any others if you took a crowd shot 'in public' you don't need a licence? It's only when a scene is being staged i.e a model booked to do a office scene or something similar?
  7. Thanks for the link to the video explaining things ver very useful. One thing though with the model and property release situation. In this post http://discussion.alamy.com/index.php?/topic/757-have-you-found-any-alamy-photographs-august-2013/ Sprocket had the pic of the new doctor who (I think) taken in Cardiff. I would assume that he hadn't got permission or hadn't had chance to get a model release for the pic so to ask a dumb question how was that sold?
  8. Thanks for the replies especially OneWay for the nod on the keywording direction!
  9. Just out of interest and by no means through being a new member on the forum when did you sell your first image? How much was it a relief to know that you where actually doing something that others wanted to buy?
  10. Here is another noobie question:-) What are the pro's & Con's of opting into the distribution agreement. I received the email from Alamy asking if I wanted to opt in.
  11. Thanks for the welcoming words and thanks Ann for the advice!
  12. Thanks for the constructive replies to the thread, thanks!
  13. Firstly thanks for the feedback as you can appreciate coming into a new environment is always a tricky one. I feel the only way is to ask the basic questions to give yourself a feel of the forum and the way in which things work. I had the same feelings as Mike Hesp after looking through the Alamy sales page there didn't seem to be many sales at all going on so that seemed like a reality check as to what this is all about. To John's point regarding keywords I fully take on board your views and do see that the most important criteria of the whole process is making images accessible to po
  14. Hi I'm new here and want to get straight into selling stock pics because who doesn't want to get paid for doing something they love. I know this is a very broad question but from your personal experience what have you found to sell the most? I know a bif percentage would be the actual quality of the images but what subject matters have you had the best results with? Thanks
  15. Thanks for the replies! Because I shoot in RAW and like the ability to 'digitally' manipulate the image with all the mentioned tasks in the post I thought I would clarify and now need to change the description of my images because I put them as digitally altered when they aren't. Thanks for the quick feedback!
  16. Just wonder what the criteria is/is not deemed digitally altering an image? For simple colour adjustments and exposure/contrast/vibrance etc are they deemed digitally altering or does it refer to more radical procedures? Thanks
  17. Hi Hello to all members! I have recently joined Alamy and look forward to being here and being part of the community. Kind Regards, Marc
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