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  1. Hello Stock industry expert Jim Pickerell has created a survey in an effort to gather data on the general income ranges of Editorial Still Photographers around the world. You can respond to the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PhotogIncomeSurvey It’s open until mid-October, and you can read all about it on the Selling Stock website: http://www.selling-stock.com/Article/editorial-photographer-income-survey Thanks Alamy
  2. Hi Betty, As with any PU sale, if you are concerned about the licence and want us to investigate you can just email contributors@alamy.com and the team will be more than happy to investigate for you. Thanks, Alamy
  3. Apologies, the permissions were set incorrectly. You will now be able to post within the official thread: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10189-statement-from-alamy/ Thanks, Alamy
  4. We've posted a statement in the announcements area of the site. You can view it here: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10189-statement-from-alamy/ Any other topics created on the subject will be closed off and pointed there - this is just to keep things simple in one place. Cheers Alamy
  5. It hasn't been discontinued, but is optional for the contributor.
  6. Hi We recently added a new search filter for a very small number of customers so they can search for images available for limited use (part of novel use scheme). As only a few customers have this option you won't be able to recreate the scenario, and unfortunately we couldn't either. Thanks Alamy
  7. Hi We have explained our reasons for deleting the previous thread within the email and are happy to discuss it there. In this case we do not want to risk any potential issues regarding our agreement or relationship with the client as this would have a negative effect for our contributors. We are locking this thread, but please get in touch with us directly if you have any questions. Thanks Alamy
  8. Hi everyone Our search is not built to support the [LU] shortcut, which is why we're not completely sure what it means. Our guess is lower/uppercase but we have not seen enough examples to test our theory. We'll let you know if we resolve the mystery. Thanks Alamy
  9. Hi everyone The search engine has now been updated, sorry for the delay. It's usually updated every 24 hours, but we had to implement some fixes. All the best Alamy
  10. Hi everyone We've had some issues with one of our processors over night, but this is now sorted. We are nearly through the backlog and the upload speed should be back to normal. Thanks Alamy
  11. Hi everyone We agree, this thread has veered off its course so we are locking it down. Thanks Alamy
  12. Hi Everyone We have been working on a way to send more relevant picture needs to our contributors (e.g. Travel photographers will mainly receive travel pic needs). The emails are back from today, but only for contributors that have collections with relevant content. We are putting lots of work into improving this and we will have more information to share with you soon. Meanwhile, you can also keep up to date on our blog if you don't use Twitter. A few contributors have mentioned that they wish we could give more information as deadlines, and how many customers that have requested the specific topic and so on. To explain how we work, all picture needs have been verified and are listed as content that are either completely missing in our collection or content that is out of date. When filling a gap in our collection, even if it's too late for the original customer request, this specific topic will now be available for the next customer who comes along (and don't forget, your images will be one of the very few) We often see the same requests come in year after year, and we have already seen some really good sales made from pictures uploaded as a response to our tweets! Thanks Alamy
  13. Hi everyone As you have noticed, we are facing some issues with Alamy Measures today. Our IT team is currently working on a fix! Shouldn't take too long, but thanks for your patience. Thanks Alamy
  14. Sorry to hear you've failed the initial submission. As this submission has been flagged as being produced on a camera not suitable for Alamy, that means our QC team don't think that the camera you are using will ever be able to produce high enough quality for submission. Check out our recent blog on the subject of camera choice here: https://www.alamy.com/blog/alamys-rough-guide-to-digital-cameras Best Alamy
  15. If you've got any concerns about a personal use licence please email the Contributor Relations team who will be happy to look into it for you. contributors@alamy.com Cheers Alamy
  16. This is a little update we released yesterday - should be available to all users. We've also recently released another little update that puts both the mandatory and optional tabs on one window when you maximise the right hand side of the tool using the option at the top. Cheers Alamy
  17. Hi, There is already a thread on this issue (https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9803-cant-log-in-to-alamy-site/), so we're locking this post down so there aren't duplicates. Thanks, Alamy
  18. Hi AL1973 Have you contacted our Contributor Relations team (contributors@alamy.com)? Processing errors could be down to image files being too large, poor internet connection or other non QC related issues, please get in touch, we would be more than happy to look into it! Thanks Alamy
  19. Morning, We've deleted a couple comments, as the thread was going off topic. Thanks, Alamy
  20. This topic is a little misleading - to clarify - your upload privileges were frozen as you had uploaded images taken with Samsung Galaxy A5 mobile phone. This is unsuitable for Alamy submissions. There may have been other images within your uploads that were taken with suitable cameras, but we don't check every image you send us and if one fails then any others you have awaiting QC will also fail. Here's a link to our submission guidelines: https://www.alamy.com/contributor/how-to-sell-images/guidelines-for-submitting-images/ Hope this helps, Alamy
  21. Hi Kathy Thanks for letting us know, we will pass on this information to our forum providers so they know it's still an issue. All the best Alamy
  22. Hi everyone We would like to explain this post as we are currently doing a pricing trial with this particular agency. What you see is adjusted "shop front pricing" to test how it will affect their sales. This is not open for any photographers or other agencies. As mentioned in one of the above comments, agencies have always been able to set their own RF prices as part of their contract, which is different from what you have spotted here. However, we see that most agencies actually take our price recommendations and are on the exact same contract as individual contributors. We do regular mural sweeps, and there are no expectations for any contributors. But we can't guarantee that all images are picked up on, and there will always be images of murals uploaded in between our sweeps that will be available for a short period of time. Thanks Alamy
  23. Hi everyone Our platform provider has confirmed that they've done some updates to fix this issue, please let us know if you are still having problems when searching the forum. Thanks Alamy
  24. Hi All, We have raised this issue with Invision Power who host the forum platform and we're trying to resolve it. Sorry for any inconvenience in the meantime. Cheers Alamy
  25. Now locking as this is a duplicate thread to: http://discussion.alamy.com/topic/9460-ambiguous-new-contract-clause-411/ Thanks Alamy
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