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  1. Exclusivity button is to inform us that the image is not elsewhere - can be useful for price negotiations or tracking infringements. We don't insist on it.
  2. Yep definitely a risk. It's on us (Alamy) to deliver better returns to contributors asap.
  3. It's not unsustainable if the plan works. Last time we did it, it worked. Option 1: Keep things as they are and net royalties to contributors will either stay as they are or fall. Option 2: Keep trying new stuff and hope that the additional cost of doing that works out better than option 1. J
  4. Thank you for all of your comments and emails. I think I have replied to everyone who emailed me directly, but before I sign off for the evening here’s a bit more info on the reason for the change. Apologies for typos (the grown-ups who police my work have left the building). 2018 will be a high-water mark in revenue at Alamy. Normally this would be cause for celebration, but growth has flattened off this year. It's up only 2% on last year after a period of super high growth. If things continue to be flat, which I think is the base case scenario, then revenues to our contributors will either stay flat or worse, start to fall. So we're taking action now: - Significantly reducing Alamy's operational costs (to put it in context - 2018 to 2019 will represent the biggest cost reduction we have ever attempted) - Moving the royalty split to 60:40 - Big focus on international expansion, local language support from website to customer service to account management, re-engineering our core customer experience from search to checkout, upgrading our datacenters to latest technology, better content insights, new products, updated design and marketing etc. If I thought we could continue to grow without moving the royalty split, I'd definitely rather do that. The choice is basically between continuing as we are, with revenue stalling and hoping for the best, or invest and get working on things that will move the needle. Our larger competitors are currently out-investing us but they are not invincible. Shutterstock has reached market saturation and is vulnerable to a moody stock market that forces them to consider things that keep either the revenue or operating profit growing - if they have reached near saturation in revenue then they'll start to turn to their contributors for more operating profit. They are already paying out 30% on average and 20% to new contributors. Getty also average around 30% and are facing a $2.35 billion debt repayment. Alamy's sole focus is continuous improvement of the customer experience and the long term value to our contributing photographers. I think we can continue to take market share from our larger rivals and pay our contributors a higher royalty. If things go really well then maybe we can revisit the royalty split in future or look at some of the suggestions that have come from contributors for some kind of contributor dividend. I'm genuinely open to this as it effectively locks out or less efficient larger competitors. We deliberately built our business around a contributor contract that is a rolling 45 days long, with no exclusivity, to keep us honest. If contributors become unhappy with us they can vote with their feet anytime. This keeps us focussed on doing right by them in the long run. 2018 is also our high-water mark for royalty payments to contributors. This is a direct result of the cost savings, investments, and royalty changes we made between 2012-2015. I want us to repeat that and return the company to high growth and higher royalties to you. James
  5. Yes - we still want to improve mobile functionality on AIM. Portfolios should work nicely on mobile. Cheers Alamy
  6. If enough users request this we can look at it but as it stands this current design with a profile picture will remain. You can have a blank picture there if you so choose though. Thanks
  7. We'll certainly look at that as an option for a future update, thanks.
  8. You can - just click the burger menu (three lines top right corner) of the gallery tab and share from there. Cheers Alamy
  9. Hi everyone - a new release has gone live today with the following updates! (We've updated the top post here too). Thanks for all the feedback, we hope you find this latest update useful. Caption box now has larger font and darker colour to make it easier to read Added messaging to say changes may take up to 48 hours to be reflected in live database You can now view the upload date on a magnified image in AIM The supertag “star” now has a bigger hitbox making it easier to select Fixed various issues related to unusual text characters causing errors in search and copy and paste Added messaging about restrictions if a user tries to add all 4 restrictions to an image Fixed a scenario where upload failed with lengthy filenames Fixed a bug that returned all images in a search for “Photographer” within AIM Cheers, Alamy
  10. Hi everyone, Please keep the feedback coming and we will look into any problems that pop up. We hope you enjoy this new feature. Please share links with us to your newly created portfolios and galleries here: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10724-share-your-contributor-portfolios/ Cheers Alamy
  11. Hi Everyone, We've added a new feature called Alamy Portfolio and it's accessible through your contributor dashboard. It allows you to curate and share your Alamy image collection through your very own contributor portfolio page with the ability to add individual galleries around specific themes of your choice. We've put this thread together for you to share your creativity and would love to see the portfolios you've curated using this new tool. For more info on the tool check out our latest blog. Please use this thread to share your portfolio and gallery links only. Any feedback can be posted in the running forum thread or via email at contributors@alamy.com Cheers, Alamy
  12. Hi Victoria We're sorry to hear you have not been able to contact our Contributor Relations Team. We have passed this on to them so they can try and get in touch with you instead. Thanks Alamy
  13. Hi Everyone It's great to see all of your feedback, we agree that a "date added" field would be useful, so we will consider this for future updates. We would like to further clarify how the tool works as there seem to be some confusion around how we source the picture needs. Every single picture need has been verified by a person to make sure they are relevant. If there are images under the topic it means we need more and newer images of this topic because our customers have not been able to find what they were looking for. A good example of this is areal shots as our customers constantly ask for the latest take on the same shot to include new buildings and general changes to the landscape. Whilst some picture needs are taken from customer searches, lots of them are from direct customer feedback and they are not necessarily typed into the tool in the exact way they would have been searched for. This means you should not use tags as "Images of" etc. Please email us if you have any further questions! Thanks Alamy
  14. Hi everyone To answer some of the above questions, the tool will be updated with new picture needs daily (if there are any new picture needs to add). We don’t currently send out notifications but will include new additions in our tweets which are displayed within the tool, so you’ll be able to spot them there. Ticking the “I’ve covered this pic need” box will help us identify uploads within the specific picture needs, but we are keeping an eye on the general search results too, so if people have updated their keywords, or forgotten to tick the box, it should be picked up. We’ll remove picture needs when enough content has been uploaded, so if a picture need is listed it should in theory be relevant regardless of what date it was added to the tool. In most cases the picture needs are topics that have been asked or searched for by several customers, which means we are likely to get the same request again in the future. The current beta version don’t have a mechanism to report spelling mistakes, but if you let us know by emailing contributors@alamy.com, they’ll be able to correct any mistakes you’ve spotted. Many thanks Alamy
  15. Hi losdemas Thanks for the feedback, we will be fixing the CSV so it doesn't split the description column. To clarify your second point, if you tick "I've covered this pic need" we will receive a notification and a link to your latest upload. Many thanks Alamy
  16. Hi everyone Please remember that all posts should be kept relevant to the original topic. Thanks Alamy
  17. Hi everyone We've used latest technology adding 360-degree images on to our site, so you will most likely need to update to the latest available version of your browser for optimized effect. Cheers Alamy
  18. Hi everyone This feature was removed as it was not working as well as we wanted it to. It was an external plug-plug in which means we couldn't update it or fix it ourselves when needed. We are still working on improving AIM, so you can expect to see more changes over the next few weeks. Many thanks Alamy
  19. Hi everyone We do this to keep the image collection stable as an unstable image collection is less attractive to our customers. We recommend emailing us if you have any further questions. Many thanks Alamy
  20. This is clause 9.1 which corresponds to the Novel Use scheme (an optional, opt-in scheme that you can choose to be part of or not). This clause has essentially been part of the contract for 10 years, we've just re-worded it to make it clearer to cover those extremely rare cases where we may not make a charge when we supply images for certain things like proof of concept style projects (which can often lead to future sales). If you've got any other questions about this, please feel free to drop us an email: contributors@alamy.com Cheers Alamy
  21. Hi everyone We are sorry to hear not everyone have received an email yet. Because of new regulations it's harder than before to email large groups of people who have unsubscribed from our mailing list. We are working on a fix for contract notifications and an email should be with all of you as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can view the changes on our website: https://www.alamy.com/terms/contributor-contract-changes.asp We would also like to clarify that clause 9.1 only applies to Novel Use licences which is an optional scheme. Thanks Alamy
  22. Hi Gordon, Our Contributor Relations team can look into this for you if you just drop them an email. Thanks, Alamy
  23. Hi everyone We've taken note of your feedback regarding Shaw Academy's marketing emails and passed it on to them. Thanks for sharing your experience! All the best Alamy
  24. Hello, Regarding the file selection method, this question has come up before but to re-iterate our reasoning: 1 - During testing, we observed a wide range of photographers using different versions of the tool with both options for selecting images. Having selection methods like as you describe above (e.g, the 'standard way') led to continual frustration with users deselecting images "accidentally" whilst clicking round other areas of the tool. You can imagine how disheartening this would be if you'd spent 10 minutes scrolling through previous submissions and selecting a set group of images only for them all to be deselected at the click of a mouse. We appreciate this is a different way of working with files but we went with the best possible outcome as a result of testing. 2 - There is a mobile / tablet audience that has to be catered for, again, this suits those methods of input We're locking this thread down to avoid duplicated feedback, if you could keep it to one thread that would be great: https://discussion.alamy.com/topic/10490-aim-update-notes-oct-2018/ Thanks, Alamy
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