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  1. Hi everyone, So the premise is simple - if you like a post and want to give some positive feedback you can do so - and vice versa. The points gathered from your posts contribute to your over-all reputation so over time, you will build up either lots of positive feedback, neutral or negative. This will hopefully promote more constructive discussion. The reputation scores are classed as follows: Forum reputation = poor = -50 Forum reputation = not so good = -25 Forum reputation = neutral = 0 Forum reputation = good = 25 Forum reputation = excellent = 50 There are daily l
  2. Hi Ken, We will be monitoring this feature as time goes on. In due course, an erroneous +ve or -ve from time to time is not going to make a difference overall to a reputation level. Thanks Alamy
  3. Alamy


    Depends what you mean for unsubscribe - if you mean un-following posts you're following then yes. If you'd like to remove your profile from the forum entirely, we can do that for you.
  4. Over time this will hopefully become a more useful feature and promote well thought out posts, so for now, it will stay. However, like all new elements of the forum we will be monitoring it to see how it develops and remove it if it does become a problem. Thanks
  5. Alamy

    Hyperlink to images

    This is an area for suggestions for Alamy - if you have suggestions for a particular thread, please post them within the topic. Thanks
  6. Thanks - we've already been working on this for the last couple of months and plan to release an updated dashboard this year in continuation with our site improvements.
  7. We're still getting to the bottom of this - if you log out and log in again, you may find the link corrects itself however we are busy working on a proper solution.
  8. We're investigating why this is happening, thanks for letting us know.
  9. Thanks - we'll investigate this - likely to be a small teething problem bug.
  10. This is yet to be confirmed, however the old forum will certainly be locked down for new posts from the 29th April.
  11. Hi Paul - when we check this, your images are being displayed. Can you provide an image ref that is appearing that is incorrect and we will investigate, thanks.
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