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  1. Hi everyone Thanks for flagging this issue, our IT team is working on a fix and we'll let you know as soon as we have an update. Many thanks Alamy
  2. Hi Sheila Thanks for your suggestion. This is in the queue for improvements to the portfolio page. As you see with the continuous AIM improvements, we do get round to doing these. Thanks, Alamy
  3. Hi All, Please remember to stick to the topic of the thread. Many thanks, Alamy
  4. Hi everyone We removed the thread as some of the criticism given were not as constructive as it should have been. Although the comments may have been written with good intentions, they were fairly harsh on the contributor and included unnecessary wording about the subjects of the portfolio. Thanks Alamy
  5. Hi Javier Vector files don't go through the normal QC process, so there should just be a short delay before they appear in your Image Manager. The processing time may vary depending on how much content we are receiving at the same time and can take up to a few hours. Thanks Alamy
  6. Marianne We recommend you get in touch with contributors@alamy.com about this. There should not be any images marked as exclusive on the CSV unless the box is ticked in the Alamy Image Manager for example. Please add some examples in your email so the team can look into this for you. All the best Alamy
  7. Hi Jools Devon, We noticed this is a Stockimo image. Contributors with news images uploaded via Stockimo and later sold as stock will get access to the Archival/reportage upload route too, but we have not yet got that far in the process. You will receive an email once the upload route is activated in your account. All the best Alamy
  8. Reportage/Archival We have an additional upload route for collections of reportage or archival images which might not meet our technical standards for regular stock imagery. What do we mean by reportage images? Photojournalistic images illustrating a story but captured under difficult circumstances and might not pass our standard QC checks. Examples include photo essays or features. What do we mean by archival images? Images that are historically or culturally significant, examples include film stills, press archives and specialist collections. Alamy
  9. Just a quick update on this from us. Firstly - there is no cover-up/conspiracy here. As previously mentioned, we took the decision to remove automatic access to the news feed to all as this past year we’ve seen a dramatic increase of imagery that isn’t suitable, either due to the content itself or from incorrectly formatted captions. Dealing with this was taking up a considerable amount of time that would otherwise be spent pushing the best content to our Live News clients. For this reason, news access was limited to those who used news upload regularly and had made live news sales. If you didn't use it regularly or didn't make many live news sales, then access was removed. Applications are open if you lost access but want it returned. As you can imagine, demand has been high for this and we're working through the applications as quickly as possible. As this process involved tens of thousands contributors, we took the decision to only email those who had used the live news service since January 2018, as anyone not uploading since then were effectively not active. We're sorry this has not been welcomed by some of you who didn't get the email notification. We also recognise that some of you had uploaded images as live news that later had sold as secondary stock, so you were concerned that without news upload then these images would not have been available. As a result of this, as from today, if you are someone who has uploaded news imagery that has later sold as secondary stock, we’ve given you access to the archive / reportage route which means you can upload similar work for secondary sales, but it won’t end up on the news feed to be pinged to the news desks. This means you should still be able to benefit from those stock sales of "news style" imagery, even if it's not live news. This does not affect your live news application if you have already submitted one. For those who don't have access to the archive / reportage route, as with Live News, applications are open and are available via your contributor dashboard. Alamy
  10. Hi JacksonStock It's been bank holiday weekend here in the UK, but our Contributor Relations team are now back in the office and will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks Alamy
  11. The discoverability bar was introduced to encourage photographers to add more tags in general as this was needed within the collection. Many photographers, new to the industry, would only add 5 - 10 tags per photo and we regularly received emails about why these collections didn't make any sales. We agree that the discoverability bar as a function could be improved and all your feedback has been noted so we can take it in to consideration when further developing the tool. We would also like to point out that the forum is a platform made for asking other photographers questions about Alamy and the industry. We do not read every post or interfere unless necessary. We do however have a team that is happy to help if emailing them directly (contributors@alamy.com). All the best Alamy
  12. Hi everyone, For those of you who have received an email about images passing QC (when they haven't), please could you forward it on to CR (contributors@alamy.com)? It has been Easter bank holiday here in the UK, but our QC team is now back in the office and are working through the backlog of submissions. Thanks, Alamy
  13. Hi Jansos The images could have been downloaded by the customer before April, whilst the images were still available for NU. Any images downloaded from the date you opted out can not be sold under the NU licence. We recommend emailing contributors@alamy.com if you spot any further NU licences on your sales report. Thanks Alamy
  14. There's a backlog of applications at the moment so response times are longer than usual. Everyone will get a reply. Apologies for the delays. Alamy
  15. Not the case. 1 hour is the aim, not the rule - anything outside one hour has far less chance to sell for live news. 24 hours is the rule. Alamy
  16. Hi Steve, Apologies, we were looking at the incorrect account when we just checked here - you have indeed made many more news submissions than 18. In total you have uploaded 355 images to Live news since 2013. As mentioned though, the number of submissions was just one of the criteria, the other was number of live news images sold. Since 2013, for you that is just 3 images. Above, you cite 24 sales via live news, so it would seem these sold as secondary stock rather than live news. We'll edit our original reply to avoid confusion. Again though, you are welcome to re-apply if you wish and the news team can review. Best, Alamy
  17. There were a few reasons, but the main ones are about needing to focus the news team efforts on those contributors who submit and sell regularly with news. If you would like access again you can re-apply to continue to have access. To avoid sending lots of emails out to many who will not find them useful, we chose to only email those who had submitted live news within the last year. Looking at your account, you've submitted to news on two single occasion (10 images and 8 images) back in 2017 and 2015. We therefore considered you not to be an active contributor to news. Again though, if you would like access you are free to reapply. Best, Alamy
  18. Hi everyone, Just to clarify our recent changes to Live News upload. Our News team would like you to file the images within the hour as this will maximize your chances of making live news sales. It does not mean that every news upload have to be sent within the hour and the 24 hour deadline still applies. When reviewing your application form for Live News, the team would like to know if you are able to send them your news images within the hour whenever possible. They often see that images being filed later in the day often sell as stock, rather than Live News. Many thanks, Alamy
  19. You're viewing the support Q+A forum which is set up for questions and answers, hence the modified display. The other forums are organised as normal and are the sections are designed to make it easier to post in a relevant forum and provide support and discussion. Thanks Alamy
  20. Just to confirm, we've managed to keep the image count for the time being. Thanks, Alamy
  21. Hi everyone, Our forum providers have confirmed that this is a browser issue and not something that can be fixed within the platform itself. Normally Chrome is the recommended browser to use as most services will be optimized for it, but as others suggest in this thread it looks like FF is the best option here. Thanks, Alamy
  22. Just a reminder to keep posts on topic please. We've removed a handful of posts that were derailing the original thread. Thanks Alamy
  23. If you're looking for some feedback on your images, why not setup and link to your personalised Alamy portfolio? Instructions for how to do that are here. Alternatively users can just click the number under your forum username to see a list of images you've submitted in chronological order. Happy critiquing! Alamy
  24. Hi Kumar, 1. Should the old content presently in this section be moved to the Community Support section as this is most relevant to it? No - the new community support area is structured very differently. It's set to function as a question and answer forum. There is too much "discussion" in the old "ask the forum" section to transfer this over in the right way. Over time, we think this support area could become really useful. 2. Not sure how contributors will feel able to discuss the stock industry in general and their experience of it bearing in mind Alamys' rules re. mentioning competitors and comparing them to Alamy or criticising them? We don't have a rule on not mentioning competitors. We just ask that you don't promote them or criticise them in a defamatory or damaging way. There is opportunity to discuss things without falling foul of this. Cheers James A
  25. Hi all, As you may have noticed, we're making some changes in the layout and organisation of the forum. Please familiarise yourself with the new guidelines and post any suggestions for future tweaks and development into the suggestions area. The biggest change is probably in the "Community Support: Ask the Forum" section, which is now setup specifically for support questions and answers. Whilst we all get used to the new layout, you might find us moving posts around to the correct place if they have been posted somewhere else. We are also looking at archiving the older posts to a separate area that will still be searchable. We've got a few other ideas as well, but that's for another day... We're committed to making the Alamy forum work for you all in the best possible way through collaboration, support and shared experience. Cheers James Allsworth Contributor Experience Manager
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